Emui 9 - Turning off notification sound and vibration?

  • 19 May 2019
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Before you could just turn off an app's notification sounds and vibration through its notification settings.

But now with the introduction of notification categories this has become an incredible amount of work. For example the Facebook app has something like 30 categories. Do I have to go into each and every single one individually to turn off vibration and sound? That seems like a really horrible way to go.

I also don't want to put my phone in silent mode because I want to hear it when I get a phone call.

3 replies

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Hey @kLy, welcome to the community!

Huawei always strives to deliver the best to you!

Therefore, your feedback will be forwarded to the developments team and it will be considered for a future update.

If you have any other suggestions or inquiries, do not hesitate to let us know!

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just turn off all nortifications for specific app.
But I need the notifications! Just don't want sound or vibration on them.