EMUI9 is disappointing after MIUI

  • 5 March 2019
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Bought new Huawei phone with EMUI9 installed. After MIUI I have many inconveniences. Like this
1 Dialer app:
  • Why there is network type (vowifi, volte). but THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER?
  • Where is photos? But in every row there is (i) sign
  • Why in every row there is country name? For what?
  • When using phone incomming call is on fullscreen, not some notification!
  • No call record
2 Clock app
  • No possibility to turn off next alarm, not turning off the whole alarm preset. If I decide not to go to work tomorrow, I want to disable only tomorrow's alarm. but the day after tomorrow I need to be waked up.
  • No notification about upcoming alarm when using phone. It will be shown fullscreen and loud!
  • Only one timer, no presets, like "boiled egg" or "15 minutes workout"
3 Notifications are working bad.
4 No double-tap to wake
5 No customization of buttons. I want to assign launch of flashlight to double press of power button in locked mode.
6 No customization of gestures. I dont want to open search when doing up-down gesture
And others.

Dear Huawei EMUI creators, please, look at Xiaomi's MIUI, if you don't know, how it must be. So good hardware and so bad software.

1 reply

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Hi @realwk,

Huawei always tries to provide an original Operating System that is adapted to the user's needs and preferences. We try to make the phones as custom as possible!

Nevertheless, your feedback is an essential part of the Huawei experience. Therefore, I will forward your suggestions to the development team. These will be taken into consideration when future updates will be developed.

In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions or inquiries, feel free to share them! :)

Best wishes,