Everything about Fingerprint Identification

Everything about Fingerprint Identification
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Fingerprint identification technology is a type of bio-identification technology which has developed quickly over the past few years.

It has developed the fastest out of many bio-identification technology systems in particular for phones and laptops. This is mainly because it is highly reliable and the input sensor is small.

Three common functions

The fingerprint identification function makes using your phone even easier. There are three common fingerprint functions:

1. Unlock the screen
Fingerprint unlock can be used after setting the unlocking mode to 'digital password' or 'mixed password'. After setting the fingerprint, you will no have to worry about forgetting your password!

2. Accessing the safe or the app lock
Everyone has a secret that you do not want to share with other. Use the fingerprint to unlock the safe or open the applications lock.

3. Fingerprint touch controls
These touch control gestures can be performed with any finger and do not require a fingerprint.
  • Take photo's or video's
  • Answer a call
  • Stop alarm
  • Show notification panel
  • Browse photos

Having problems with the fingerprint sensor?

Take a look at this common fingerprint FAQ-topic and let us know if the topic was useful. And if you need help, leave your questions or issues in the comments.

What type of identification do you use? Fingerprint identification? Face unlock? Or only a password?🤔

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Is so quick and easy to use! And if in public so much more secure, people can't watch over your shoulder and correctly identify your fingerprint and log into banking apps or even just into your phone!

Good info @Amy thanks
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Anytime! 😃
i dont see any fingerprint area in my device
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Hi Rasoolakhter,

What device are you using? 🙂


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