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  • 19 February 2019
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I've now managed to get AA to work on car screen except it doesnt show WhatsApp & Skype icons, however if the Government get their way it'll be illegal to have your mobile on in the car. 😏
Hi. Have a mate 20 pro and evwrytime the battery gets to around 92 per cent android auto disconnects. Actually the whole phone disconnects and won't even charge. Everything. Any fix for this? Running 310 software
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A bit odd is that, i connect my P20 pro with official cable. When it charges to 100% everything continues as normal.
I've had Emui 9.1 update.
Sorry I've no idea about your issue, i would consider talking to support direct.
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@Adsalamon I've flagged for support to look at your question, but you can also contact support direct:
thanks. tried mobile interactive chat support. Didn't help. ran a scan of phone but no problems found. I just had latest update to phone but still persists.
When hits 91% in car it just loses all connection, even charging.. 😞