Help please! Need to transfer data to new Pro 20 from my broken old P9 Lite phone.

  • 15 April 2019
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Hi. I dropped my old P9 Lite phone (VNS L31)and broke it. The photos are all backed up but there isn’t a full backup. Yes, I know. Idiot.

The screen didn’t crack but there are lots of lines on it and the touch function doesn’t respond. I have now bought a Pro 20. Is there any way I can transfer all the data, contacts etc when I can’t input anything using the screen?

2 replies

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Hi RichardW,

Welcome on the community! Sorry to see that you dropped your phone! 😞

There are several topics on how to make a backup, please take a look at the following threads:
Hope this helps!
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If you plug it into your PC can you see the files or does it require you confirm it on screen. Alternatively, there may be a Google backup on

Best of luck!!