Home WiFi problems

  • 6 August 2019
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I recently got back from holiday and my phone no longer recognizes my home WiFi network even though the password and network is on my 'saved networks'. To make matters worse when I switch on the WiFi it no longer recognizes the network at all (yet manages to recognise all the other networks in the facinity). The Internet works fine as both my television, girlfriends phone and ipad connect perfectly to the Internet. I've reset the network settings, reset the router and tried everything I could to fix the issue to no avail. I'm not certain a factory reset will even help the issue so thought I'd see if anyone here has any ideas

1 reply

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Hi @Nhernandez,

Welcome on the Huawei Community! Hope you had a great holiday 🙂.

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your WiFi. Have you tried connecting with another WiFi? And Could you please let us know what device you are using?

A factory reset could help, please read this thread for more information.

Will you keep us updated?