How can I unlock bootloader

  • 26 August 2018
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I do enter on a phone keyboard

I get the response result:
EMUI-Version  = EMUI 9.1.0
Serial number = CLCD....15
Product ID = 04....9

Now I will get my phone bootloader Huawei unlock code from this Huawei-URL:

There are not exist any HTML input elements for the above given properties! 🤥

Why does'nt work this Huawei-URL?!!

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Hi Sohilkhan!

In response to your enquiry, we would like to inform you that the unlock code application service has ended, as of July 25th 2018, to ensure user experience and safety. Moreover, unlocking the bootloader of a device voids the warranty and it wasn’t recommended since it was the source of multiple software issues due to unauthorized software modifications.

Huawei used to provide users with corresponding unlock codes to meet personalized requirements due to the usage of different ROMs, which is an extra service and does not belong to consumers' rights.

However, due to possible problems caused by unlocking your device (such as system built-in function failure, device freezing, and power consumption increase) we will no longer provide the code.


Max all these problems you are describing are due incorrect firmware not due an unlocked bootloader its just huawei being too stupid to give out kernel files to support basic android functions.....

all your saying is that because huawei is too lazy to fix their mistakes people are now stuck with phones thats basicly bricked because of the miui software my rooted p20 pro runs way smoother and snappier without hangups or lags without problems with full support and lasts almost 30% longer on one battery charge and i cannot say that of my non unlocked p20 pro which i don`t use anymore. i just hate to see Moderators telling lies they have to tell us by the Big guys at Huawei PLEASE STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! and stop making up fake stories!

I couldn't even get normal Controller support for my non unlocked p20 pro u guys adviced me to use an otg cable for my wireless controller! just make sure your **** works or give us the unlock codes! so we can fix it for you!
i wish i saw this post and others before buying their device. very annoying and sick.

they are just like apple. restrict things. from what i have experienced so far, they will be far worse than apple with their own harmony OS.

dont tell me about warranty and issues. put it there and i click agree and am responsible for it all. simple.

i think usa is right that they are trying to monitor users on their os. anyways evil castigating evil.

i regret buying their device. painful cos they have no resale value, so its a waste trying to sell it off.