How to Turn Off Huawei Histen Sound?

  • 17 May 2019
  • 6 replies

Hello guys, I just want to ask if how I should turn off the Huawei Histen Sound? because when I'm turning the mic on while playing a game, the sound is very weird, it has an echo or it sounds like a robot. I already tried tweaking the settings but it still doesn't fix the problem. Yes I'm using a headset that is from another brand because I don't have much money to buy another one. So I just want to turn this Huawei Histen Sound off so that there will be no complications everytime I wear my headset.

Thank you for the help 🙂

6 replies

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Hi @ellis_ville,

@RaulRE, @marksmith60, @alexmanu1 - I know you use Huawei Histen, any advice? 🙂
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Hello there. I did not experienced that yet, but a way to disable Huawei Histen is not prezent... Wanted to do that and did not succed...
Have you tried using another headset to see if it's the same behavior?
😞 this is really a bad feature for Huawei devices if they don't allow users to turn this option off. I badly need to turn this off 😞
I Need Help my airbuds is low and in Huawei Histen Sound effects its set to Auto and i cant choose the other options natural, 3d and standard and doesnt read my Airbuds.plz how to disable it or edit settings, cause this program is a big mess up,waiting For a reply soon thnx and sorry For disturb.
Thats what appear will my headset is on. It cant be change😢🤔

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@Mourad1982 - have you tried unpairing and repairing the airbuds? This might help.