How to use Phone Clone

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You can transfer your contacts, photo's and video's easily from your old phone to your Huawei using Phone Clone.

Take the following steps:

Step 1
Simply install the Huawei Phone Clone app for both devices. Phone Clone is available on Google Play and App store.

Step 2
Connect the old phone with your new Huawei by scanning the QR code with the old phone.

Step 3
Choose the files you want to copy to the new phone and click Send. Easy peasy!

Watch the video below for a tutorial.

Problems while using Phone Clone? Try the steps below or leave a reply.

1.Make sure you are in an area with a stable WiFi connection.
2.Check that the Phone Clone app is up to date.
3.Try and see if the others files are sending through correctly (as in pictures, contacts, videos etc..)

Still having issues? Perform a wipe cache partition for your device from the Recovery menu by following the steps below:
1. Turn the device off completely.
2. Press and hold the volume up + power key at the same time, until you get into the recovery menu.
3. Select "Wipe cache partition" (navigate by using the volume keys and power button to select).
4. Confirm the action by selecting "Wipe cache partition" again.
5. At the end of this process, the recovery menu appears for the second time - select "Reboot system now".
Note: Please make sure to select Wipe cache partition, and not Wipe data/factory reset - the latter will erase all data on the internal storage of the device.

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Just won't transfer from my Samsung to Huawei Mate 20 Lite. Tried Phone clone about a dozen times now and it keeps disconnecting. Not amused
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Hi @Kata,

Sorry to hear that contacts are not being transferred over.

Alternatively, you can sync your current gmail account in your old device to have all the contacts moved to the gmail and then simply sync it with your new Huawei device to have them transferred over to your current device.

Hope this proves useful!
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Hi @Llamekuf,

I will attach the steps below on how to use Phone Clone with an iPhone:

First, please install the Phone Clone app on both devices, as the app can be found in Play Store.

For the new device, there will be a prompt on "Phone Clone Terms of Service". Please select "AGREE "after viewing.

Please select “this is the new phone”.

The phone screen will prompt a list of "Phone Clone access permissions". Please select "ALLOW" after viewing.

Now, the phone screen will show the "Select old phone system", which are "Android", "iPhone 5 or later" and "Other iOS devices".

Select “iPhone 5 or later” / “other iOS devices”

Open "setting"> "WLAN" on the iPhone to connect with the given WIFI password.

Open the "Phone Clone" apps on the iPhone and given authorization to the app, after the connection being established.
Please choose "connect to new phone", then all steps are finished.
The new phone will transfer data using 5G WiFi by default. It will be results in a faster speed. While, the "Other iOS devices" does not support 5G WiFi, the new phone will transfer date using the 2.4G WiFi by default.
The old phone will show the transferable data after the successful connection. Please see the below pictures for references. Select the transfer data and click "TRANSFER". Please wait patiently for the data transfer to complete.

Hope this proves useful!
Recently I bought a Huawei P20 pro and tried to transfer data from my old phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) using Phone clone. It transferred all contacts (names) but it didn't transfer the phone numbers. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Hi - I am trying to transfer from my old HTC Desire 626 to my new Honor 10 Lite. I've installed Phone Clone on both, they are 100% charged and on charging cables. They are both on the same Wi-Fi network.

They have connected OK, but when I try to transfer it keeps failing saying there is insufficient internal space on the old phone. This is nonsense as there is 4Gb of space, and it only says it needs 330Mb.

I have tried cutting the amount to transfer down to just the call log (100Kb) but it still says it needs 110Mb and that there is insufficient space: "free up some space or reselect data". I can't select any less, and I have double checked that there is 4Gb available, so what else can I do!?🤔

Thanks, Helen.
It is very simple. The app on old phone is constantly (1-2 per second) switching on and off wifi connection to the new phone. It is actually enabling and disabling wifi. At least on new version. No way it can work at all.
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Hi Silvers,

I moved your post to this topic about using Phone Clone. I also asked our support team to assist you. Please feel free to leave your questions below. 🙂
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Hi Silvers,

Sorry to hear of the situation, have you tried the above mentioned steps and the video tutorial?
Also please bare in mind that this process is done over Wi-Fi and both device need to be connected to the same network.

Please let me know how it goes.
Best wishes,
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would be good if you could use it to transfer stuff from your huawei phone to your new non-huawei phone without losing data
I watched this video when I was trying to transfer my data from my Google Pixel to the P20 Lite....just could not get it to work, I also tried the alternative way to do it, as described, should the simple method fail !!!

I ended up doing it the old fashioned way, one app at a time, but I was due a clean out anyway. was of great help to me.
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Hi! If you have questions about the steps you have to follow to use Phone Clone, watch the following video: which is also available on the Huawei site about Phone Clone:
Please, note that the files and information that can be transferred between two devices will vary depending on the Operating System (Android, iOS) and the Android version itself of both devices. If you encounter some issues while using phone clone, please let us know so we can report the issue.
I hope this helps!
I have been trying to transfer data from my P9 to P20 Pro using Phone Clone. This has taken me most of the day and still not complete.
I’m getting messages on the old phone (P9) saying transfer complete but the message on the new phone (P20pro) says transfer failed.
None of my contacts, messages, photos etc have transferred.
I have in the end gone back to the old way also moved all my photos to Google Photos.
I was so looking forward to using the P20 but the edge has worn off, I’m even thinking of returning the phone unless there is someone I can speak to. (Not Carphonewatehouse as they want to charge you as it’s a fault with the software not the phone.
Hi there,

Transfer done from iphone7 to honor 10. No option to copy text messages and call log. Is it because I already removed the SIM card on the iphone? or are those two options not supported while going from ios to android?

Thanks for the answer


I have an Honor 9 (Android 😎 and am trying to clone to an honor 10 (android 8.1), using phone clone and it connects and then immediately disconnects, can't get any further as it just will not connect.
Both phones are mine, upgrade
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Is homor 10 ur phonw, or other person's, phone?
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Both phones are mine, upgrade
you need to put more information for us to at least help you. like what have you done prior to phone cloning, because phone clone works best when you open your phone and start fresh, without doing anything such as inputing your email address, and letting google restore your apps. i just recently bought a mate 20, i restored 231 apps, 205 contacts, including messages, etc from my mate 9, it works smoothly,

if you are cloning your old phone to a new one, make sure to open both their wifi connection.
assign the old and the new, and if they don't connect by generating a qr code, you need to manually connect the other one to the assigned network, by then you can select which items you want to clone, and make sure that they have at least 85% battery charge, else it will not work. goodluck
I am trying to copy my data from my old phone, Sony Xperia XA, to my new Huawei P20. The two phones are connected, the copying process starts and all data is sent the P20, but I keep getting error (Transfer failed) on Huawei. Any suggestion?
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I did use the phone clone to transfer from my P10+ to the new Mate 20 Pro but it took me multiple attempts to complete it, as the app kept disconnecting from the old phone.

I also did the same for a Samsung A3 to the P10+ and it was the same with that, just kept disconnecting.

And in both cases it also it took an inordinate amount of time to actually copy everything!!!
I am not able to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Huawei P Smart 2019.
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@haris.piplas - thanks for letting us know you're having issues. I moved your post here to avoid duplication. Please follow the tips from Amy and let us know if you're still having issues.
Have the same problem with P20pro and P30pro!

After a while the old P20pro asks me if I want to connect anyway to the hotspot because this has no internet connection.

Also on new phone (P30pro) I disabled the option "Disconnect client on inactivity" to "Never". But still the same problems.

Please guy try it your self if you really able to transfer / clone the phone. I think you will end up on the same problems.

Will thy to put the sim into the new phone and activate mobile data, just that the old phone does not ask "no internet connection". And sorry Max, your steps are not a solution it is more a bugfix...
I don't want to be rude but this app is totally useless.
Old phone: Moto G4 plus
New phone: Mate 20 Pro
Moto: The QR is read OK. Select only Contacts to send, so hardly a great load. Get "Preparing data...", and then just sit there watching the circle rotate.
The Mate20 also sits there saying it is waiting to receive 0/603 items.
NOT a good first impression of Huawei software.