Huawei Health integration with other services

  • 4 December 2018
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@ndcast you won't get any satisfactory answer from Huawei regarding the integration into Google, its been over a year (nearly two) since its worked with GF and Huawei haven't done anything.

I have the original W1 and W2 and won't be getting the GT or any other watch from Huawei due to lack of support and integration with Google.

If you've only just got it, send it back as not fit for the purpose you purchased it for and get something from another manufacturer
@walkerx Thanks for the heads up , will get a Samsung Active2 today.
@Max @Amy Has been 10 months already, and still no definite solution for this.

Don't you understand that from the 200+ replies in this thread, most have moved out to another brand?

If we give it a 50% of the replies that moved out , it would be 100 and 150$ avg. for watch,

You have just lost $ 15,000 USD , only in this thread.
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I bet this thread will be one of the ones that will not be transfered to the new forum HOME....
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@walkerx Thanks for the heads up , will get a Samsung Active2 today.
I'm waiting to hear if announcement on 15th October from a Google if they will be releasing a watch and if they do what features it has and if wireless charging on it as the charging on Huawei watches is rubbish, I'm just coming up to 2 years for my W2 and past 3 months it ain't charged properly.

If Google don't release a watch then I will be looking at a Samsung watch
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Hi all, thanks for your continued feedback. I appreciate it's frustrating when a feature you want/need isn't available. All I can say is I'll do my best to continue to make sure the right folks know your feedback and if I become aware of any changes to the previous update, I'll let you know.
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@Danjl the feature USED to work, but hasn't for over a year and nothing from Huawei on getting it resolved, no updates, no nothing.
It seems Huawei have turned into one of those companies that once its taken your money it couldn't give s**t about you or the product you purchased.

Hear, hear. 

I have recently acquired the Huawei Gt watch and find the watch and Huawei Health app very good. 

However the inability to at least download an activity as a (.fit, .tcx file) is the single huge point of failure in my mind from Huawei. 


I understand, you have your own application to promote 'Huawei Health' which is very good. In the same way that I find the Garmin platform very good when using my Garmin devices. Zwift is also a very good platform when used for the sole purpose of stationary cycling. 


Strava is great for its Social features which all of these other devices/platforms sync natively to. 

Automatic sync of activities would be very nice but manual export to file would be acceptable to achieve this. 


After all Huawei health has no social features so there is not direct competition.


The watch itself is great however it faces being resold due to this simple missing function. 


A great shame. Sort it out. 



I have lost my Huawei Health data, by stupid mistake. 

However I have most of the data I lost synced in Google Fit. 

Does anyone know if I can get the data from Google Fit back to Huawei Health? I couldn’t figure it out.



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No you can't