Huawei ID does not log on, just says "Unable to obtain data".

  • 12 January 2019
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@Cloudy still not working for meTry online with this address - its worked!! -

I'm in - thank you 🙂

@Cloudy still not working for meTry online with this address - its worked!! -

That worked, thank you!
Hi there I also receive the same message
"Unable to obtain data. Please try again later"
The phone I am using is a Sony Xperia E4g
The Android version is 4.4.4
I had it working yesterday but unable to open the app.
I had already downloaded the Health App but also the Huawei mobiles services app too.
When the message arose I could see the band was still successfully paired with the phone as notifications were received to the band.
I contacted customer support and was advised to download the app again. I did but no change.
I contacted CS again and was advised to stop both apps and clear the cache / data not only of the two apps but also of the system cache. completed

However no change in the message I receive from the app.
In addition however I can see the app no loner is paired with the band and when I search for the band in Bluetooth on the phone, I see it on the phone but cant pair as the incorrect pin is used.

Any thoughts on what I can do?
many thanks
I should have added that the link does allow me get into my account in the cloud ok but its the Account on the App that I am unable to get into and where the message appears I mentioned.
All seems fine with the account in the cloud and it is the app working on the Sony Xperia E4g (E2003)which I expect is the problem. It worked initially but then doesn't and repeated calls to the service centre and the steps of clearing cache and then all apps cache including reinstalling both the Health App and the Mobile Services App .....has not proven to work.......and now I cant sync the band either as the Pin / code is incorrect...
Any thoughts are welcome.
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Hi @Daveirl , I've flagged this so the support team can look to help out.
Thanks again for forwarding the query for me.
I can appreciate there may be many more queries ahead of mine and perhaps it will take time to hear back.
I wont bring back the band to the store till the weekend so hopefully I will hear back before then.

Thanks again
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Hi Daveirl,

Sorry for the lack of response in this thread.

Please reach out to our official support channels if you still need help