Huawei P30 PRO screen glitching/flickering bug or production failure?

  • 3 June 2019
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So here I am on holidays not near any store who can assist me or get me the guarantees for a new phone. I've gotten my p30 pro because I love the design, amazing camera and everything that comes with it.

Now, I have had this phone and phonecase combined for about 2/3 weeks when yesterday, suddenly the screen started acting up and moving around. I have not dropped, pushed or hit my screen at any time and it has only gotten worse in the past 24 hours which you will see in the video below. I have tried to reboot it, restart it, go into developer settings and disabling hardware overlay option which I read on google would help but eventually didn't and made the screen turn upside down. I am not sure if this is a production failure and the screen and rest of the phone was not well put together or if it's a major bug. I can't seem to find anyone having the same problem with this phone on the internet. I must add that I have not downloaded any application or downloaded any documents whatsoever for the past week.

Thanks in regards for anyone responding! Hope there is an answer to my problem.

this link is safe to click, to visualise my issue:

3 replies

Oke, so update on my issue: I tried pushing my volume up button + power button for a few seconds to get my phone in recovery/safe mode but now my phone won't turn on anymore or respond to any buttons I'm pressing.

Thanks for anyone reading and hope there is someone on here that can help me out 🙂
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@steynvp , sorry to hear you're having issues. I'd recommend contacting the support team so the support team can assist you.
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Hi @steynvp,

I am very sorry to read, and see (from the video), the situation which has happened with your device.

In this case, I would advise to have the device inspected at our authorized SBE service center.
To facilitate this, within the UK region we offer, at the present time, a postal repair service. A booking for this service can be made via mail, chat or call at
For the booking the agent will need a bit of your personal information such as: Full Name, Address, Post Code, Serial Number of the device.

Best wishes,