Huawei P8 Lite 2017: Oreo update

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I'm still waiting for a reply from Max
I am still waiting for it aswell
+1. No sign of any update for me.
However, Davyg's experience of oreo update posted earlier in this thread is not exactly encouraging.
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To be fair, I gave the Oreo update another chance....lasted 2 days and I have had to factory reset the unit..... things just keep locking up on me with the battery indicator going all the way down to practically zero and then unfreezing and showing normal battery percentage, also with apps not function as they were under Nougat 7.
been a PITA having to enter details to my apps ans such like.... but I will try and keep you guys updated... I did try to roll back to Nougat again but Hisuite kept informing that the update had this space.... 🤔
so is there an oreo update for the p8 lite or is huawei just fobbing us of will things like yes you will get in in so many days and its a random update realise i think there just be lie-in to us ,just drag it out for long enough and most of you would have ended your phone contract and got a new phone ,so why is the update random only
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Hi all,

At the moment we cannot give support on software updates on the community.

Waiting on a software update?
Please contact our support team directly. Phone the Hotline: 08000 886 700 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00,Sat. 9:00~17:00 (Except bank holidays). The support team will create an update request for you, if possible. Are you outside the UK? Please contact the support team in your region.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
see this is what im on about i have to now ring huawei and only to see if i can get an update that sounds a bit daft why not just send it to all of us and why would some phones not be able to get the update sounds like they dont want to update anyone if they dont have to
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I wouldn't be in any hurry to update to Oreo.... I lasted less than a week and reverted back to Nougat.....less hassles and everything works as it should.....😉
true not to fused about getting the update its the fact they told us all that its available then say its a random rollout then ask you for the phones details and still leave you hanging and finaly ask you to ring them to see if you can get the oreo update they just fob all huawei users off with the same crap then its time for your up grade to the next phone and so it starts all over again so when you buy a huawei phone dont expect it to get the latest updates or security patch used them for six years not one update only ever got a patch to fix the low sound
Hi I used Huawei Firmware Finder last night and managed to get an update going using the In App Proxy method even though the System Update showed no updates available.
Update to version B388.
Connected to Hisuite to check if Rollback was available just in case. Hisuite offered another update to B400 so I installed that. Again nothing showing in System Update.
Now running B400 for a couple of hours with no problems.
I am not a big user of apps Just use the phone texts and Facebook. All seem ok.
Will monitor battery use as it's something I always check.
Hisuite still has rollback to Android 7 available so should be ok it things go wrong.

I'm guessing there is a problem with the OTA somewhere but if you can get onto Oreo the hisuite seems to handle the update process.

Hope this helps someone.
t the moment we can't give support on software updates on the community. Please contact the Hotline: 08000 886 700 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00,Sat. 9:00~17:00 (Except bank holidays).
I am very sorry about the situation.

Best regards,

thats the reply i got from max whitch is not a good reply considering he ask people for the ime and build number to help us now fobs me off with the lame answer
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I checked Hisuite today and it informed me that I was using the latest official phone is using Android 7 Nougat... would appear that the Oreo update has now been pulled..... I just can't fathom out the Huawei way of working......🤔
Sorry to hear this I know how you feel unless you have the flagship phone then they don't want to know just do what I've done when you get new phone don't get Huawei I got an oppo and got updated to pie the same day
I don't wish to knock the phones as they have been a good phone and you get far more pound for pound than the big brands it just the after sale service and support is poor would be better if they improve this instead off releasing more and more phones
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take your pick from these....I haven't a clue what's what...... official releases but use at your own risk...
Thank you I don't use my p8 no more so will try them out and report back the results later
Used Firmware Finder again to update both phones after rolling one back to Android 7.
Updated both to update B399.
First phone has been running 7 days now and battery lasts on average 2.5 days.
No problems with any apps other than having to update to latest version.
Second phone updated last night but not expecting any problems.
Used HiSuite on PC to back up and restore apps and data. Restored everything including system settings and home screen.

Only drawback is HSsuite does not offer roll back this time. Don't no why so will have to use HFF if need to rollback.
Hi Brian F. Thanks for the info.
Could you tell me the exact procedure you followed with Huawei firmware finder as I can't for the life of me work it out!?
Hi TonyO.
I found instructions here

They are quite good but the order you do things is important like changing the proxy settings and the point at which you stop the proxy from running.
It took me a couple of goes to get it right but when you do it's the same as doing a proper OTA update.

Good luck and ping me back if you need help and I'll see what I can do.

Cheers BrianF
Cheers BrianF. Will have a look.
Unfortunately I keep getting a package checksum error when I try to install the update. No sure what I am doing wrong. Seem to be getting closer though.
You get the checksum error because you are trying to download before stopping the proxy process. Once System Update has found the update stop the proxy and then try the download
Thanks for your help with this BrianF. Currently the process is failing with a Notice : download failed message.
Once I can see the update in System Update I stop the proxy process and change the proxy on my WiFi connection from manual(localhost and 8080) to none.
Pressing Download and Install results in the download failed message.
Please don't feel you need to help any further. I just wanted to let you know where I was.
Hi TonyO,
I'm fairly sure the trick is to just stop the proxy process as that is only needed to get SU to find the server.
Try stopping the proxy process but don't change the wifi settings back. It should then start the download and you can change the wifi settings when the download finishes.
Beware the download may run a lot slower than normal downloads - my last one took nearly an hour.

Good luck.
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personally I think it's out of order for Huawei to treat their customers in this way....the update should be easily obtainable for all current devices... we shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get the latest software for our compatible phones...