Huawei P8 Lite 2017: Oreo update

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here is a link to the Oreo firmware that FF located for me... I am still trying to suss it all out..I will downloaded it to my computer and then I will transfer to the FF folder on my phone and alter the proxy settings on my wifi..
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OK... I have copied the update zip over to local\internal storage\TeamMT\Firmware finder , then ran FF and then set proxy on my phone WIFI connection to "localhost" proxy 8080 , then went back to FF and selected Select the In-App Proxy and then went back to my phones system update and it located the update.....
update is downloading and is at 5% as I type.... will keep ya all posted......
oh and one more thing....I did a full phone backup before i attempted this process using Hisuite...... just in case it all goes mammary glands up....
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Insufficient space...please free up at least 728mb of space and try again.... :-(

righto.. convo with meself here.... LMAO..... I uninstalled a shed load of apps and freed up sufficient space.... the update went through with no hassles... now up to Oreo.... now installing all the apps that I need....

all in all it was a PITA but the update worked they way I executed it.... 🙂
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I managed to update my P8 LITE to firmware PRA-LX1 , after it was updated I connected my phone to the computer and ran Hisuite, the software informed me that there was an update to Oreo, I updated the phone and It's now running firmware PRA-LX1, although this later firmware was showing up on Firmware Finder,it was stating that it was an older version than the most recent one that was at the top of the list (namely PRA-LX1
All working OK at the moment, and I do have the option to roll back to Android 7 VIA hisuite....
Why oh why can't Hauwei simply make the update from Nougat to Oreo available via HiSuite instead of all this nonsense.
I'm not at all happy with Hauwei update service, which is a shame as the original product was good at time of purchase.
Hi Davyg pleased to see you got there in the end.
Your result highlights the inconsistencies with Huawei as I don't get the roll back option with Hisuite and it also tells me I am on the latest version B399 which obviously isn't right as you are on 400.
Hope it works out ok.
Hi Davyg what version of Android did you get 8.0 or 8.1?
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@BrianF was Oreo 8.0
Have you experienced any of the performance/battery issues this time you updated to Oreo compared to your sad story a few months back?
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Have you experienced any of the performance/battery issues this time you updated to Oreo compared to your sad story a few months back?

Battery drain is far more than what it was using Android 7.0 , I do have a few issues with some apps, and I had to sort out another app that didn't work when the phone was locked (had to dive into the battery settings and permissions of the app, it worked no hassles under Nougat 7.0 though)
Apart from that all is OK and the moment....not to say that I wouldn't roll it back to Nougat.....🤣
Ah. So not a perfect result. Didn't you say above that you can still roll back to Nougat via HiSuite, or is that reserved as solution of last resort.
Be interesting if you or others get any security updates after updating to Oreo.
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the option to rollback is there using Hisuite.....and today I had to delete my phone from my Nissan Qashqai and then add new device just to get the hands free calling working properly....all worked fine before the 8.0 update..... really annoying when these little niggles appear.....
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As if we users don't have enough hassles with Huawei and Android....
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as of today I have dumped the P8 in favour of a Samsung Galaxy s8+, I was having nowt but hassles with apps on the P8 since the Oreo update, and to be honest I couldn't be assed with all the hassles of reverting back to Nougat....I was receiving blank messages on Facebook Messenger app and sometime was being hit with about 30 messages that I had deleted days ago.... apps were slow to load and operate, wasn't getting whatsapp notifications at times, all in all the Oreo experience was a PITA..... and also Huawei update support leaves a bad taste......LOL

got a fantastic deal with the s8+ that I couldn't refuse......
@Davyg. As a follower of this thread I can understand your motives to dump the Hauwei. Your words here have helped me avoid your upgrade nightmare. I wonder if others that have updated to Oreo have had similar bad experiences? IMO Hauwei are not doing themselves any favours towards brand loyalty, from their total disregard in delivering after-sales support and OS updates. Better luck with the Samsung.
Hi guys.
Thanks to all the tips on here I'm further along to getting my Huawei P8 lite 2017 updated to Oreo but still having problems.
I started with the Firmware finder app that found them but no matter what variation I tried of having the proxy running and the WiFi set to manual it would fail or not even start the download.
And the standard download just got stuck on 99%.
So anyway I selected the B399 version of Firmware as recommended but choose the share firmware option and downloaded the zip file on my laptop and followed a guide that said copy the extracted files onto the root of the SD and then type this into the phones dialer.
*#*#2846579#*#* > ProjectMenu > Software Upgrade > SDCard Upgrade > OK.
So I do that and it does restart and starts to verify the firmware then pops up saying download failed ☚ī¸
Anyone any idea why that could be ? I haven't factory reset the phone as thought it would still do it.
Back again.
Just letting people know I managed to get it updated but had to try slightly different way for some reason.
Going to dumb it down a bit for people like me who struggled lol
1. Reset the phone (didn't work when I tried to do it without resetting)
2.Installed Firmware finder
3. Go into the settings on the app and choose show only full OTAS
4.Search and click on the top one.
5.Scroll down to find the part about proxy and it should start up.
6.Long hold on your WiFi icon in the notification bar.
7.On your WiFi connection long hold and select modify and tick advanced settings and change proxy to localhost and port 8080 and save.
8.Then go to your normal phone settings and select system update.
9. It should then show a update available but don't click it, you will see 3 dots on the top right click them and select download full package.
10.You should then see it saying Quick update.
At this point leave it there and pull your notifications bar down and press stop on the proxy (you may have to pull down twice to see stop).
11.Then go back to your WiFi settings and change the advanced settings back to none and save.
12.Go back to the update page that should still say quick update and then start the update and it should work fine then.
Oh on a side note I only did this because my Fitbit charge 3 wouldn't keep sync properly with the phone which was to do with Android 7 but can confirm it's working great now.