Issues with Huawei Histen sound effects

  • 15 January 2019
  • 10 replies

So, I started using Huawei Histen on my Mate 10 instead of the built-in equalizer my media player uses.
The sound is great, however, it seems like Huawei Histen keeps turning itself off.
Whenever I plug my headphones in, I have to go to the Huawei Histen settings menu for it to activate, no matter if I'm already listening to music with my headphones plugged in.
Is there a way to make Huawei Histen turn on automatically or do I have to go to its settings to turn it on whenever I want to use my headphones.
Thanks in advance.

10 replies

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Hi @RaulRE,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices!

In regards to your inquiry, once you have enabled the Histen on your Huawei Device, it should memorize the settings and automatically enabled once you plug your headphones/earphones.
Could you kindly perform a wipe cache of the device from the recovery menu and inform us if this has done a difference in regards to this?

Thank you! And we are awaiting for your reply!😀
Hello there, i have the same problem with my P20 lite android 9 Emui 9. Even if Huawei Histen is on when i listen a music it doesn't work, it work after i tap on huawei histen. In a new music, huawei histen automatically turn off even if it is on, same problem appears when i skip 2-3 minutes from a song.
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@Alex98 - did you try the wipe cache recommendation from Max?
I do that but no difference, problem persist.
Hey i have the same issue with my p20 lite, i cleared my cache and turned Huawei Histen off and on but nothing happened... Please fix this because its very annoying.
Hello. I need assistance with my histen on my p30 lite. I connect my phone to my automobiles Bluetooth system. And the sound is like I live in a cave. Can you please assist on how I disable histen or change the settings. It does not recognized my automobike system as it is not a headset so I can't change the settings. I'm loosing my mind
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Hello @NatsMunFin , welcome to the community!

We are sorry that you are experiencing this issue!

Regarding this, can you please let me know if you are using Android Auto? If so, please send me a private message with the #histen tag,and we will investigate the case for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further issues! You can send a private message as well, if you want this kind of assistance!

Have a lovely day!

All the best,
Hi got the same proble with an Honor 10.. Any help available?
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Hi @PeterSundayMan89, welcome to the community.

I have forwarded the question to the Support Team, they'll look into it for you.