Lack of Huawei P20 UK variant updates

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@Max a lot of users have purchased the unlocked version, but because its C782 model then we don't get updates every month which is why a lot of users are complaining.

This month Google released some major security updates but UK will probably not get for another 1+ months

6 months without a update Huawei a joke can't wait to leave
Hello, I an using the P20 lite ANE-LX1
Will EMUI 9 and PIE 9 be coming to my phone. locked to EE.
Have asked EE and was told it's down to Huawei when we get it.
Would it be better if I had it unlocked and flashed it myself?
Could I use a custom firmware now and run Pie 9/EMUI 9.
Cheers if you can reply and give some info.
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Hi @lornenail,

At the moment we are not able to give support on software-related questions on the community. Please take a look at this thread for more information.