Lost EMUI 9.1 update

  • 12 July 2019
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  • Fearless Explorer
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I got the Emui 9.1 in hicare app,
But nothing in the seattings update.
I tried for days now but only in hicare app.
Even in the hicare app ...i lost the Emui 9.1!!!!!

What happened HUAWEI !!!!!

3 replies

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Hey Sabri,

Sorry to see that you lost the update! 😮

At the moment we cannot support on software updates on the community. Please check out this thread.

But maybe other users are able to help you? @chillphone @drhouse @picitup? Any advice?
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You unfortunately had n update window via the hicare app. If you followed the process it would of initiated the download.

It seems this has passed for your device so you may have to wait for your cell provider to now push any update through.

Hopefully it's not too much of a wait.
Yes i followed the process, it takes me to the seattings (( update))
But nothing !!!!
It's clear in the picture i posted.