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  • 7 January 2019
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After upgrading my phone to a Huawei mate 20 lite my Auto Android does not work now in my car I've read in the community Forum that Huawei were going to release a software update at the last quarter of 2018 has this been issued yet and if so can I have a link for the upgrade
cheers Colin

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Hi all,

I created a F.A.Q. topic for issues with Android Auto. Please try the troubleshoot in this topic if you are having issues with Android Auto and with connecting your device to your car.
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Ok so just come back to Huawei from Xiaomi as i heard the updates are getting better , took a couple of updates was hoping to see a december maybe jan security patch but no , my security patch is october and apparantly im all upto date ?

there is a Dec firmware out there but just not for the UK C782 variant
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Hi @colin, @markeagles4,

Would it be possible to PM me with the Serial Number of your devices so I can look further into this?

I will be looking forward to your private messages!
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Why is it when I choose a handset I always pick one with poor software support.

The last Huawei device I bought was really bad P10 lite

Now I chose a Mate 20 lite as I was told Huawei was getting better, only to be let down. C782 Customer is forgotten.

Im seeing year old handsets getting Pie over a new Mate series, I know the lite series doesn't get as much attention as the big brother handsets but it should atleast get a little more attention.

Looks like I'm heading back to xaiomi even their lite equivalent get the same attention as the flagship.
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Hey @markeagles4,

I moved your new topic to this thread. Have you sent Max a PM with the serial number of your device? He can look further into this.
Dear @Amy will Mate 20 Lite receive Android 9?
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Hi @mgz069,

I moved your question to this thread. Please read the comments above and PM max the serial number to @Max. He will be able to assist you. 🙂
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Still no January patch , I'm beginning to regret buying Huawei now, big brother seems to be getting updates just seems the lite Huawei don't care about. And I forget what model but a Huawei with the same chip has got pie lol. Do I need to sell this handset? If no updates are planned on a monthly basis I'm off back to Xiaomi at least they treat all their handsets the same .

Just need an answer if this handset isn't going to be treated the same as big brother PRO I'm off
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Hi @markeagles4,

I can understand how frustrating the situation you are facing can be.

Would it be possible to PM me with the Serial Number of your device? I will be able to check for a further update in regards to this.

Looking forward to your private message!
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Android pie was released in August.

It's now February and there is still no android pie on the mate 20lite, however there is android pie on the p20 Pro which is an older model phone than the mate 20 lite.

I understand that the p20 Pro is a flagship and that the mate 20 lite is not, but maybe you should let customers know that unless they buy a flagship phone they won't get the latest update until everyone else has had it!!
Ive looked on many websites and it says that the only Huawei devices acc getting android 9 are the p20 series and the mate 10 series? But I thought it would make sense for the mate 20 series to get android 9 because there newer phones?...
It would be much appreciated for your help 🙂...update:I've also installed the 'beta' app to see if I can get 9 pie but I can't...oh and also my model number: sne-lx1 and my android is 8.1 and my emui is 8.2 🙂
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Google Android Auto requires the following conditions for normal use:
Car end: need car support Android Auto
1. Log in to
2. Slide the page to the bottom and click "View compatible vehicles"
3. Find the model you want to view and click to enter
4. Check out the specific models supported by android auto.
Mobile terminal
1. The phone is preset or has a Google services framework installed. If you don't have a Google services framework, you won't be able to run it.
2. The network that requires a mobile phone to connect to the Google server: Users need to use Google ID to download the app (Google Maps / Google / Google Play Music / Google Text-to-speech engine) used by Android Auto in the Google Play store and the relevant APP permissions All open, while in the process of using Android Auto, Google Maps, Google Voice Assistant and other applications also need to access Google servers.
3. Open “USB Debug” on the mobile terminal. Connect the mobile phone to the car through the USB cable, and select the access data on the mobile terminal. Select “Whether to allow USB debugging” in the pop-up menu.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message. Thank you!
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Hi all,

I created a F.A.Q. topic for issues with Android Auto. Please try the troubleshoot in this topic if you are having issues with Android Auto and with connecting your device to your car.