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Hi, I purchased a Huawei P20 Lite from a 3rd party. The phone is on EE network so I've contacted them several times over the last month to obtain the unlock code. They've informed me that Huawei have told them the phone is unlocked. However, everytime I place my sim card in it asks for a NCK code and I have 10 attempts to get it correct.
Any advice please.
Thanks John.

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Hi @Girdwood

I wouldn't bother with the carrier. There are quite a few offering unlock on eBay. I just searched for "p20 lite unlock" and the cheapest was £1.94.

You usually send them your IMEI number and they return you a code in a few days.

This is what I did for my P20 Pro.


Thanks Steve,
I'll give this a try instead of going through the carrier. The only reason I was doing this is it was moderately cheaper and I assumed if anything went wrong then I had more chance chasing EE than someone on eBay. Cheers
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No worries. For waht it's worth, I've used ebay for unlock codes for years and never had a problem.

Hi, I've a P20 Lite which is locked to EE.
EE have attempted to obtain a NUC from Huawei but have been unsuccessful after 2 months of waiting. I emailed Huawei myself and they assured me they would generate a code.1 month down the line I'm still waiting.
Anyone any suggestions? I am aware that I can purchase a code from eBay at the tune of £20 .
Thanks for any advice
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Hi @Girdwood

Gosh, EE is expensive! this guy:


Is doing it for £12.95. A bit cheaper...


Cheers once again. £12.95 is easier to bear
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I recently purchased a P20 Pro network locked to EE. I called EE requesting an unlock code, paid, and was told it could be up to 10 days. However on the 9th day I received a text from EE saying that they could not provide an unlock code as they had been informed by Huawei that the phone is fully unlocked. I've taken the phone into an EE store and they have confirmed that the phone is indeed locked but as they rely on receiving the code from Huawei they can provide no further assistance.

I have contacted customer services via online chat but have now been waiting 6 weeks with no joy.

How can I best, quickest get my device network unlocked?

Colin, I am pretty much in the same boat. Unfortunately, I've been waiting nearly 6 weeks for Huawei support to process an unlocking code. I've sent 6 emails to be told I'll be informed when a code is processed, the wait continues. If a phone shop or eBay outlet can obtain a code for me from Huawei ( at a cost ), why does it take so long for Huawei to produce one?
@Girdwood I've had an email from Huawei customer services today to say all unlock requests were cancelled 4th March due to GDPR. He was unable to tell me why the online chat customer service people have been telling me that it was in progress as a priority. He said that the only way to get an unlock code now is from the network provider. What you do when Huawei tell the network provider that the phone is fully unlocked already I have no idea.
Very peculiar, I've sent another email today, do hopefully they'll inform me one way or the other. Fingers crossed.
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Hey all!

We're sorry about the situation with the Network Unlock Codes!

To find out more about this please contact our hotline: 08000886700

Kind regards,
Thank you.
I've contacted the hotline and have been reliably informed the issue lies with EE.
Contacted EE and they are dealing with it. Apparently, they have to request a code from Huawei in China. Hopefully, I'll get it sooner rather than later.


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