Next 9.1 beta is out - but I still can't download the first beta :(

  • 25 April 2019
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Here... is being told that a new EMUI 9.1 beta is out for the Mate 20 series; the It seems that everybody who previously used the beta can now download the newer beta. But I still can't sign up for ANY project in the beta app.... no projects are available for my Mate 20 pro.

German customer support knows NOTHING about the beta program. UK support redirects me to the German support........ :(

I REALLY would appreciate some kind of support from HUAWEI now. Don't know where to turn to. From the support, I already got answers like "maybe you just wait a little longer" ans "maybe in the next days the update will be available for your device". Sorry, but I spend nearly 1000$ for a phone and would like to hear something definitive and not "maybe". I mean, Huawei news clearly states that the beta is out. If so, somebody has to be able to tell me why I can't sign up for it.

Is there any source I can contact that will help a German customer, EXEPT for the German support that seems to know nothing about beta 9.1?

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The stable update now available
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The stable update now available
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Thank you @dm1991 for shedding some light on the SIM-idea. I'll read up on it 🙂
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Thank you @Danjl , I'm looking forward to news about that topic 🙂
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Hi @Sonny1983 ,

Sorry you're having issues trying to get a definitive answer on this. I've flagged the post to the support team who can investigate and hopefully provide a clearer answer.
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Remember, that BETA is not for every country. Very often, in Huawei's support working peoples without any knowledge about something more than hard reset. I had the same situation with EMUI9 Beta in Poland. First of all, we were stucked 5 updates behind other countries since 3 months but support told me that Beta is available in Poland without any information about needed software (2 updated ahead us - German users on xda told me). 2 months they lied about beta in Poland (was in December 2018 in Germany, Slovakia but not in Poland), in the half of January one agent told me that BETA was in "East Europe" and probably till now polish support on Facebook and chat still thinking that beta really was there... What can I recommend you is asking on i.e. xda-developers what country is affected by BETA then buying their SIM card and then signing into tests.