Notifications volume is missing - Huawei P20

  • 3 October 2018
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Hi there,
I just moved from a Samsung S8 to a P20.
I was looking to change the notifications volume in the settings, but apparently such setting is not present on this model, the ringtone and notifications volume are altogether and cannot be set up separately.

Have you got some sort of trick or way to enable the notifications volume to be changed alone without affecting the ringtone as well?

Thank you.

Best answer by Jmé 4 October 2018, 19:06

Hi David,

I've had a good search right through the settings but unfortunately it does not appear to be a feature.
Lets hope this will be a feature for the next update for EMUI.

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56 replies

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Hi David,

I've had a good search right through the settings but unfortunately it does not appear to be a feature.
Lets hope this will be a feature for the next update for EMUI.

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Hello David,

We are glad to hear that you are using our products.
True there is no default notification sound volume manager on the P20 series, but rest assured we take all feedback into account for future updates and design tweaks.
As such we tank you for your feedback and continued support.

And as always if you need any assitance feel free to contact us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at

Best wishes,
Adjusting Ringer and Notification volume independently...???

Understand this is not a feature yet in Huawei phones. Before I install a third party app - is it planned to be resolved?
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Hi Quiffster,

I moved your question to this topic. Right now we don't know if or when this will be changed. Above Max explains that we do take the feedback in account for future updates.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!
Any news on this topic? i have hade both Sony and Samsung unit and they both had this feature and 3:rd party software does not seem to work on the p20 pro. Really annoying and i hope this is solved soon.
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Hi Anjo,

Sorry for the late reply, but there is no news on this...

Please let us know if you have any other questions
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It is such a basic function I can't believe it's not on as standard unbelievable.......
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i used chomp sms. seems to work fine and yes, you can change the notification tones lol
Amy you say you have news on this. What is that news?
The issue started when I received the update it locks ringtone., notification and system together.
When I turn it down I miss calls. When it's up the notifications are so loud it's so disruptive to any environment your in.
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Hey Firestar,

So sorry, a typo... it's no news.
First of all this problem is NOT SOLVED! I have switched from using 3 models of Note phones to Mate 20 Pro, pay 1000e AND GET THIS???

I can't believe that my in app sounds depend on my ringtone volume??? It is anoying, and REALLY LOUD!!!

If only I can change phones to Samsung Note again...

FIX THIS don't send us generic responses...
i have Huawei mate 20x and cannot find where i can set the message volume, i came from galaxy s9 +, is there any option to increase or decrease the messages alerts volume?
Honestly I can't believe that something like this is missing for Mate 20 Pro as well. I missed so many calls because of this missing feature that every other brand have. If I'm at work and expecting important calls, i can't have my volume up and listening for every notification from email of messages non stop due to this missing feature.
I really like this phone, but locking the ringtone, system sounds and notification volume together is just plain stupid. You are either forced to turn it down all the way and miss phone calls or keep it high and annoy everybody. I really hope this issue will be addressed with the next update.
I recently bought an Huawei mate 20 pro and this the first phone i have had that have combined Ringer/Notification/System volume control. I can not understand why, this makes the phone almost useless. I either miss calls or disturbs people around me. Why would anyone want those volume setings combined?

There have been updates since this thread was started, but Huawei seems to have, either failed to implement this basic feature or they do not care.

3 part apps doesn't work either as the phone overrides the settings. Why?

Any news about implementing this feature if you would categories this as a feature, i think the absence of this would be categories as a bug.

Solve this problem asap.

I really consider to ditch the Huawei and NEWER buy a Huawei product again.
I've been a Samsung user for years and last week I switched to Huawei. I love the phone but I'm very close to exchanging it for Samsung S10 for the same reason, I'm unable to to silent my notifications and have my ringer in at the same time. This is an extremely important feature for me as I only have a cellphone like most people so I like to leave the ringer on at night for emergency while having my notifications on silent. Can anyone verify if this is even something Huawei will look into changing? If not, I have to return this phone. This is a reason why I never switched to IPhone, their ringer and notification are combined which I hated. This simple feature is a make it or break it for me.
A quick fix is to make your own notification sounds with different levels and then move them to your phone. Takes some effort but what is more enjoyable than tweeking with your Huawei😎
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Hi all,
@samsingsblues Thank you very much for the feedback. We appreciate all kinds of feedback and I will make sure to pass this on.
Best regards, Max.
First Post here.
As much as I absolutely love my P20 (former Samsung user) this issue with separate volume controls for ringtone and notifications really needs attention. It's been 5 months since this thread started.
I either miss calls due to not being able to hear my phone ringing or have the living daylights scared out of me when getting an email or text.
Brilliant phone in every other way.
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Hi @Vantage! Welcome to the Community. 🙂 I've labeled your comment for support. Let's hope your problem will be fixed soon!

Have a nice weekend.


When will this problem be resolved? Please send us feedback? My phone wakes me up in the middle of the night with notifications - messages from friends in other countries in different time zones!
Same here. I really like my P20 pro, especially camera and battery. But if this won't be fixed I will be going back to Samsung. I keep my phone on silence because notification sound drives me crazy. This is ridiculous because I miss some phone calls or I can't find phone trying to ring on my own number. What a stupid idea.
Hi All

Seems I've found an actual workaround/fix for this.

Go to Settings->Sounds->Notification (basically where you would change your notification tone). Then simply use your volume control. This allowed me to change just the notification tone volume.

Hope this helps a few others. Really frustrating one...
Tried. Failed. Unfortunately 😞
I am using P30, and it has same issue. Not able to adjust notification volume independently from ringer volume. :(
It's really frustrating. I hope this feature will be available soon.