P20 PRO .152 & .156 updates

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I’m wondering if anyone has received either the .152 or .156 update on the L29 UK model?

Support told me this was released on the 25/08/2018 and it should hit devices up to 10 days after, it’s now a month and nothing. When I asked what the two updates do I was told this is confidential and need to wait till the update hits?

Has anyone’s UK build received these updates?

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I was told the same for the p20, it's rolling out now in batches. Seems to be the case they no one in the UK is receiving it....
The p20 range seems to DOA in the UK as far as Huawei is concerned.
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I have had a case raised about this since the end August. I was told updates .152 & .156 were both released on the 25/28 August for the L29 model.

I was told these updates would hit the device in the middle of September, it not i would get the updates pushed to my device.

Despite having a case ref and being told it would hit my device within 10 days, nothing has arrived yet. It does seem the UK has been forgot about which is a shame.
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It appears you have been fed the same lines as me then
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Sounds like similar conversations I have.
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So after being told it would hit my phone in 10 days it's now changed to it can be reached chased in 10 days...
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Its a not very funny joke.
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Ive just had an email from Huawei support in the last hour saying it's getting pushed now.....

Its not been pushed yet.
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Nothing for me despite waiting and chasing since August.
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To be honest, I'm not expecting it to come even though they have just said it's arriving now.
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did the update hit?
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  1. You said:
  2. hi R i have a case with you about an upgrade with you. i was told i should here something within 10 days
  3. 3:20:55 PM
  4. You said:
  5. well its been 10 days now since the 2nd chase and ive not heard anything
  6. 3:21:15 PM
  7. R said:
  8. We do mention that it is 10 working days
  9. 3:21:56 PM
  10. R said:
  11. The request has been made for your update to get pushed and we have passed it on already. I'm afraid that we cannot check on the upgrade
  12. 3:22:28 PM
  13. You said:
  14. i was told that after 10 days a re chase can happen?
  15. 3:22:56 PM
  16. R said:
  17. I will escalate this to see if they can try again
  18. 3:23:40 PM
  19. You said:
  20. how come the uk is so far behind on updates?
  21. 3:30:29 PM
  22. You said:
  23. .152 & .156 have both been out since August
  24. 3:30:41 PM
  25. R said:
  26. I'm not quite sure about that
  27. 3:31:06 PM
  28. You said:
  29. Please can you try and find out?
  30. 3:31:52 PM
  31. You said:
  32. the lack of support is shocking its all over the forums
  33. 3:32:08 PM
  34. R said:
  35. As I said, I will escalate this to see if they can try again
  36. 3:32:10 PM
  37. You said:
  38. ok
  39. 3:32:40 PM
  40. You said:
  41. how long should i wait before i re chase?
  42. 3:32:53 PM
  43. R said:
  44. I don't have a timeframe
  45. 3:34:02 PM
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Very helpful as you can see.
Seems like she cant be bothered to help at all.
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just shows that best buy other brands .. seems they locking up phones to keep china gov happy
well thats what it looks like

there updates are whack .. they wont allow bootloader and now there tablets only play in sd not hd for netflix and stuff
Google security updates for the Huawei P20 pro (clt09 c782 EE UK) are months late. google security updates are meant to protect phones from security vulnerabilities. Therefore either Huawei or UK mobile operators are putting customers mobile phone security in jeopardy.
Neither mobile operators or Huawei appear to take any responsibility for this!
Who is responsible for the updates? Is it Huawei or the UK mobile Operators?
When customers contact Huawei or companies like EE customer services in the UK, the official responses appear to be almost automated and totally uninformative and useless.
Customer service staff appear to be quoting answers from scripts that are pre produced and almost useless from an information standpoint.
Customers ask the same questions and receive the same verbatim answers. On an EE locked UK operator phone I'm on firmwarr c131. I believe European unlocked phones clt29 (c432) are now on firmware c156.
Will my phone get prompt updates like this anytime in my lifetime (being sarcastic).
Or will I just need to give up on Huawei phones and buy a pixel 3 XL phone soon. At least I would get good firmware support from google.
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@Shipmate 4 things that are a myth in the uk the easter bunny .. the tooth fairy .. big bad santa ... and hauwei updates

i would go for the pixel 3 .. huawei wants to build a phone and system thats locked down .. take what your given type of thing
maybe china goverment wants that over there but no need it in uk or any other place
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Any moderators know what's happening with the UK updates? These major updates have been out since August, when checking on chat we get no answers at all ?
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I've emailed both Huawei UK and Three UK Executive office regarding this, as I'm looking for answers as well

My Mate 10 Pro which was purchased sim-free out of contract, was rebranded by Three UK which Huawei state this is standard for UK and thus now behind on updates (last security update June)

My P20 Pro which I got from Three UK received the last security update July

On Huawei's website it states they provide security updates for flagship devices on a monthly basis, yet I'm not seeing this for either of their phones.

Overall I'm disappointed with the updates for UK users and now looking to switch back to Google and get the Pixel 3 and waiting to see if they also release a watch as if do will replace my Watch 2 that has not had a security update since March. Even my 2 year old Google Pixel C tablet has just received the October security fix.
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Right its been 10 days since i was told the update would hit, I was told to re chase after 10 days.

here is the reply i have just got:

This last time we were informed that the .131 update is the latest version available for the C782 build. The .152 and .156 updates are only available for the C432 build for now.However, they will also be released for the C782 build in "the near future".

i was told back in August that both .152 & .156 had been released on the 25/08 & 28/08.

now the next reply after i questioned the reason why:

Apologies for the confustion caused, those release dates are for the .152 and .156 updates on the P20 Pro in general (not for the C782 build). I'm not certain why it's taking so long, but we have made multiple escalation regarding this matter and it should be sorted out really soon.

Then i asked why is the UK 2 months behind on updates and security patches:

Like I mentioned above, we made multiple escalation, even to our development team's management department to solve this update issue. It should be sorted out soon and your phone should start receiving security patches monthly.

Notice the change of tone when getting asked questions? something isn't right. Why is the UK so far behind on updates?
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All my phone have gone.. But here's a tip det latest firmware for device.. Get a USB3 to normal USB adaptor create a dir on USB called dload boot phone into download mode and wait if your savvy enough you will work it out
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This is my last post done with this company
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on FF there is an update to 134 but only shows security updates with a file size of nearly 500mb, unsure why the file sizes are so large for a security update.

It's a shame the updates are poor as I've stated to Huawei support numerous times, their devices are excellent but let down by poor support and software updates

update: it seems some users are getting 133 update on EE, still nothing on my Three UK CLT-L29
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I have 133 showing I can download it but only when I get home and hook up to my WiFi. It doesn't allow me to do it over mobile data
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It looks like the 133 is for the single sim version and 134 is for the dual sim version (Three UK). 133 has been approved for installation but 134 has not