Problem with Huawei p20 lite new android update

  • 23 July 2019
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Hi there
My problem started with the new android version update 9 of Huawei p20 lite
EMUI 9.1.0, the problem is whenever i listen to music Spotify and YouTube it keeps pausing I've never had this issue before.
each time was paused I had to touch the start button again which is really frustrating. I wiped the cache and rebooted it but nothing happened.Please i need help 😩

2 replies

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We're sorry to hear about the situation you've experienced!

Have you tried a simple factory reset?

Here's some help:

Please let us know if this helped!
I am having similar problems to others following emui9.1 update. Spotify cuts out and won't reconnect, phone jumps out of whatsap and messaging while I am typing, phone randomly vibrates and there seems to be no notification, various settings have been changed, white drop-down screen is difficult to see etc etc. I think it's pretty poor customer support that the some advice seems to be to perform a 'simple factory reset' How about addressing the issues, Huawei?