Sound problem with android auto

  • 3 June 2019
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3 month ago a CORVAX discribed the following problem with android auto:

I am unhappy user of Huawei Mate 20 Lite.
Everything is fine except Android Auto and Google Music Play.
Smartphone successfully connects to my Skoda's head.
Google map, Google Assistant, Music it seems that everything all right.
Very very big BUT.
Steps to reproduce issue:
1) Start play music via Google Music Play: sound is perfect.
2) Track ends
3) Next one begins, but with poor sound: no bass and noize.
4) Press PAUSE. Press PLAY
5) Sound become perfect again
6) Go to point 2.
This issue makes me crazy :(
Every thing works fine with my old Xiaomi Mi5.
I have tried to fix problem by playing with Histen's settings.
I have even remove Histen (sws) package to determine the root of problem.
All my actions have no effect.
This problem is famous - everyone can google it easily.
Could someone answer following questions.
1) Is the root of issue is known?
2) Any Solution?
3) Does manufacturer have a plan to fix it? Date?
4) Any workaround?

Well I have exactly the same problem like him. I tried all steps that I found in other blogs but nothing helped! I'm really annoyed and about to change the phone! Please find a solution for this issue! It would be really appreciated!

Thank you very much!

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@enohock , If you've tried all the suggestions, including those in the Android Auto FAQs, then I would suggesting contact the support team via the official support channels.