Sudden Google Play problems on Huawei P20 bought in China

  • 15 April 2019
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I’ve been having problems with my Huawei P20 that I bought in China in November 2018. When I traveled back to Europe with it in December, I downloaded Google Play. It worked perfectly fine at first. Then one day, in China, my Huawei got an automatic update overnight, and then the Google Play app was suddenly gone - can't find it or access it at all.

When I go on the google play website it says google play services is installed on my phone, but, that I don’t have any devices associated to my google account – but I’ve tried to follow all troubleshooting tips, nothing works. I have a strong wifi connection and mobile data connection, I’ve cleared the cache and data of the Play Store, I’ve restarted my device a thousand times. Doesn’t work. I’ve tried to uninstall Play Store as well – it’s still listed under apps, but still can’t be used.

Has anyone else had any similar problems and have any tips on fixing it ?

I desperately need to update some banking-related apps, but don’t wanna reset the entire phone unless absolutely necessary… My friend who also bought her Huawei P20 in China has had none of these problems with Google Play…

I really appreciate any help I can get!

I’ve seen this thread with a somewhat similar though not identical problem, with a link to apk mirror, I want to see if there’s a safer option out there though…

Thank you!

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Hi @santiwenti,

Regarding your inquiry, if the device has been purchased in China, it means that it has been manufactured for the Chinese market. As so, the Google Play feature may not be available to install on the device.

Nevertheless, you can try checking the support forums for the region of the device and you might be able to find an answer there as well.

Best wishes,