#TuesdayTips: Phone clone

  • 2 July 2019
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Been wondering how to transfer all your data across to your #HuaweiP30Pro? Here's how.

If you #LoveMyHuawei tell us why.

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Overall a very nice function, especially for those coming from a different brand and getting a Huawei. Works even with iPhones, although less stuff can be transferred from an iPhone than from another Android device.

😅 The number of times I've used Phone Clone to set-up the customer's new device... it's a great tool, they can leave the store with a new device ready to go.

I personally prefer Huawei's Mobile Cloud & the Huawei ID, can just upload nearly all my stuff and then switch to my new Huawei device and let it download my pictures/files in its corner. Then again, the Cloud is limited to Huawei devices.