• 9 April 2019
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Anyone in UK. Or Europe., had a update recently on their Huawei mate 20 pro?! Iv been reading loads about people who have had a update. However iv not received one.
Ta Paul in Leeds UK.

5 replies

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Hi @Leeds UK

In UK on Mate 20 Pro and on
Hi @Jmoon, Wat network u wi? And if u don't mind wat wur t'changes?
Ta Paul in Leeds UK
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Hi @Jmoon, Wat network u wi? And if u don't mind wat wur t'changes?
Ta Paul in Leeds UK

On Vodafone. Were nowt to latest update other than March security patches. Not missing out.
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Nothing for the EU variant for three either. Probably hearing about it due to emui 9.1 which is on the new P30 and P3 Pro

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Hi @Leeds UK ,
Search your device for HiCare.. To do this, look for a homepage in your device having more empty space for you to press your finger, hold and press down. This will show a Search Bar. Type in HiCare.. click on HiCare to Join HiCare.. After that, click on Update. that is for firmware update.
#DeviceSearch for #HiCare that also includes latest firmware updates not found in the standard firmware update without HiCare. "HiCare provides professional customer assistance services for Huawei devices. HiCare provides you with common online services including #customerServices, issue feedback, user guides, service centers and #selfservice. HiCare aims to offer a one-stop shop for after-sales services in order to quickly identify and resolve any issues you encounter.
1. #Servicecenters
Search for the addresses and numbers of your local service centers.
2. #Hotlinenumbers
Search for your local hotline numbers and working hours.
3. #Warrantypolicy
Search for Huawei’s after-sales warranty policy in your region.
4. #Manuals
Provide you with a user manual that contains comprehensive function descriptions.
5. #Forum
Provide you a place where you can communicate with other local phone users.
6. #Warrantystatus
You can check the device warranty information.

7. #Accessoriesprice
You can query screen, motherboard, camera and other accessories prices.
8. #Membership
You can experience outstanding service with a Huawei membership