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Waiting on a software update? Phone the Hotline

  • 23 November 2018
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Is there any official update for my P9 Lite above the current one (EMUI 5.0.3 VNS-L31C432B414) ?
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@DecStef - please see Amy's response. We can't provide further details on updates on the community. So we ask people to contact the hotline.
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Sepember 2019 is the date. Security patch 1st December 2018.

Still on buggy early Pie Build where I can't even use one of the best apps in the world - Nova Launcher.
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Finally got 9.1 yesterday with 5th July Security Patch. I can use Nova Launcher for the first time in 9 months.

Should I be thanking Huawei? 😃

Just bought the MediaPad M5 lite, a more expansive and better model than the cheap T5.
But I just read that no EMUI9 Pie android is announced! Just for THAT model??!! And that cheap T5 will indeed have it ??!!

Please, Please, can you do something to this nonsense??

Ps: 2 articles on the net said that the M5 lite was getting the 9 updates and it is the reason I bought it..
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Shock horror my unlocked P10+ has the (C432E4R1P9) update ready. I don't dare do it incase it messes up the phone and I have to wait another 2 years for an update!