WhatsApp notification on honor band 4

  • 26 January 2019
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I have honor band 4, which i was using along with my Redmi note 5. Whenever i used to receive WhatsApp message i was able to read it on my band, even if there were several unread WhatsApp messages on my phone.
Recently i switched to Honor 8X, now when i receive a WhatsApp message over some unread messages. it shows me kind of summary. like 11 messages out of 3 chats. where as, when it was used with Redmi phone it clearly used to display the message rather than a summary message of chat count.
What settings should i change in notification to get individual new WhatsApp message push to my honor band 4 rather than a summary.

28 replies

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I can see my whatsapp notifications on band 4, after last update on band 4 i couldnt recieve whatsapp notifications. anyone can help me?
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After last update on my honor band 4 (release when I receive a whatsapp message on my phone the band notifies me with a vibration and when I go to the message menu the band tells me there aren't new messages.
I called honor support 3 times, they tell me to try to uninstall and reinstall whatsapp, huawei health and make a factory reset on the band but the problem it's not solved.
Others Apps notify correctly on the band, the problem is just with Whatsapp.
Hi, same problem here. I've just bought a honor band 4 and upgraded the firmware to the latest (release All application notifications are shown on my band 4 except whatsapp. When a new whatsapp notification appears it vibrates but does not show the message. The notification menu shows 1 unread notification but whatsapp message is not shown.
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Same problem her. Agter upgrading to honor band 4 version ( the network notifications partner (whats app, instagram ..) do not notify more, the bracelet vibrates but nothing appears, and when going in messages, receives a warning that I do not have new messages. I researched the bracelet and reinstalled the apps, but it did not work. This problem happens only on ios, android works normal, i tested it
I'm new user honor band 4 and I have problem too. I get notification about messager from messenger but bracelet doesn't show text of message and I can't read it. Only what it shown is .. You have one new messager and nothing else. I can't open message and read it.
Pleeeease help me if you can. 😞
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Hi all!

Sorry to hear about the bugs you've encountered. Did you experience these after unpairing and pairing again? Clearing the cache partition of your device?

We're looking forward to hear from you,
Yes I do. I tried it but nothing helped. I can't read a message on bracelet. There is only a sign: You have one new message.
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Hi Max,

I called 3 times the honor support then they advised me to: unpairing and pairing, reinstall whatsapp and huawei health and settings factory reset on the band.
But the problem was not solved

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I have the exact same issue with my Huawei band pro 3. It's very annoying. I've done a complete factory reset on both my Phone and the band itself and still there are no messages being shown.
Same shit here. Don’t buy honor band 4
Hi All,

We have recently released a firmware update -, it solves Push Message Issue. Enjoy.

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I’m already on update and still no luck...
I’m already on update and still no luck.

Are you using in iOS ? if yes what language is your band running on?
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I have iOS with an iPhone 6s.
My band is running in english, my Huawei HealthKit app is in Dutch
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I'm happy to tell you that update, did the trick and I can see my whatsapp messages on my band again.
Hello. I have the Honor Band 4, and use it on my cell phone (Zenfone 4 Max). I bought the bracelet a little less than a week, and I never received the notifications, it is already updated to the latest fimware I've already moved all the settings on the wristband and cell phone, all the permissions and still do not receive the notifications on the bracelet. Will we have another update to fix this ??
me too. i want my money back.
no WhatsApp notifications on honor band4. and talk about stupids configs, fix it. 😠
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Hi all,

I am sorry to hear that some of you are still experiencing the same issues after the latest update.

Have you checked to see if the What'sApp application is up to date?

Additionally, you could try to contact the What'sApp support team as the application is a third party app which was not designed by us personally.

Best regards,
What is the situation with the whatsapp notification problem, is there going to be a fix for this soon?

I am confronting the same problem:

I have Huawei Band 3 Pro, using it with iPhone6 (ios), and whatsapp notifications cannot be previewed. The message menu on the wristband shows only numerally the number of whatsapp notifications received. But when you try to preview the message notification content, it says "no new messages".

I am wondering that in which service this to be fixed; 1) Whatsapp application, 2) Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS), or 3) Huawei Band 3 Pro firmware? I believe that the problem is in Huawei Band 3 Pro firmware, because whatsapp and notifications in general are working as espected with the iPhone, and they are working with other wristbands that I know of.

The same problem seems to be with snapchat notifications as well. The Youtube and regular text message notifications are working OK.
Hello, all my applications are updated as per the last update. But since I bought Honor band 4, I never received any notifications, nor WhatsApp, Facebook, messages, Instagram, anything
Waiting for some position that can solve the problem...
The solution which worked for me is that.. just uninstall chrome to base version and it will start working....
my phone is of redmi MIUI 10.

reason behind is that honor uses android webview but updated version of chrome override that webview and it stops supporting honor band 4.

there is technical reason and why is like that i don't know. but that trick worked for me.

~Rakesh Sharma
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I'm happy to tell you that update, did the trick and I can see my whatsapp messages on my band again

is Update for all or only Iphone?, I in and not updates yet.
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The notifications gedtion is very bad, please solve this.
When the nitification is read in phone, the notification have auto deleted in band
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The objective vibration in swimming mode is low, nedds more time and different rhytm, and not stop