When does the Mate 9 get the Oreo update?

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I've the mate 9 but the last update for Google was in November 2017 and I have no idea when it will get the Oreo update. Does anyone have any ideas when or if this will improve


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Hi pjkavo001!

We are happy to hear that you are interested in improving your phone's software capability by an upgrade to Android Oreo and EMUI 8.

We can confirm that the Mate 9 is scheduled to receive the Oreo update. Please bear in mind that the update packs are made available in batches, so not all phones are receiving it at the same time

If you can please provide me with your phone's IMEI number in a private message, I can check if there is any update pack to Oreo available for your phone. You can find the IMEI number by going to Settings > About phone or by dialing *#06# on the keypad.

I look forward to check this information for you :D

hi @pjkavo001

I deleted your attachment. Could you please send your IMEI in a private message to Max? We don't want others community members or readers to know it.

Thanks! 🙂
When you click on Max name @pjkavo001 you can send him a private message with your IMEI.

I am in the UK with the same problems no updates for nearly a year. I cannot seem to get a definite answer when this update is coming.. This is very poor service as the new Android p is about to be launched. I hope you get more luck than me because it's a fairly high end phone which I like.
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I have given up on getting a straight answer from Huawei I keep reading that the mate 9 will get regular updates. Will see what happens with the Mate 20
I have given up on getting a straight answer from Huawei I keep reading that the mate 9 will get regular updates. Will see what happens with the Mate 20
DON'T ask "which build?" DON'T say "soon", DON'T say "in batches"
Tell us WHEN it's coming to the UK!
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I recommend you turn your phone off and on again 🙂

Unfortunately updates are build reliant so without providing info it soukdnt be possible for them to tell you.

Its standard software rollout not just for phone to do a staged rollout incase unknown errors appear.

This doesnt answer your query as nobody could but hopefully informs you a little more.
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Well said Rogstar I'm fed up with waiting as well
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Hi @Rogstar,

I moved your topic and the replies to this existing topic about the Oreo update on the Mate 9.
I was told last November that the update was coming to the mate 9 but 10 months later nothing. I have the L09 UK model it's been on file finder since February should I use now any advice would be great.
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I was told last November that the update was coming to the mate 9 but 10 months later nothing. I have the L09 UK model it's been on file finder since February should I use now any advice would be great.

Like the rest of us, you're being lied to.
Its not going to happen.
Huawei copy everything Apple does right down the icons, but can't when it comes to software support. Shocking really.
So what's the downside of using file finder for the update
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Hi, I have a huawei mate 9. I am still on emui 5.0 security patch Nov 2017. Oreo was released nearly a year ago for this phone. What is the hold up? I don't want to hear the excuse again, that the update is released in waves because its been nearly a year... Seriously. I feel like my IMEI had been forgotten. My carrier has referred me to huawei. My wife has an honor 9 with the same carrier and she has received 4 updates this year already, and is sitting on 8.0 with a July patch. Thanks.
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I have a mate 9 which also hasn't been updated since last year as I have commented on previously on this site I to am worried about security updates as I use my phone for all my banking there have been loads of patches by Google none of which I have received. Also fed up with all the excuses I get when I ask what the holdup is
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Quite silly this, had a little look through the forum, but guess I'm not the only one. My first and last huawei phone as they cannot even support their flagship devices. Shame really the hardware was very good.
Spoken to them again still waiting same excuses think I will try a Google phone next time for a big company the excuses every time are very very poor service. Lesser phones had this Oreo update months ago all I want is a straight answer.
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By the way, grouping together similar topics and marking them as solved with NO adequate resolution, does not constitute good or appropriate customer service.

I doubt huawei UK/EU etc can actually answer the query (lack of communication within the company).
Here here
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In case anyone reads this and is going through a similar process with Huawei. I have contacted a moderator about the status of my update and have been told that my IMEI had not been approved yet. This is nothing I did not already know, judging the customer feedback on this forum.

I find it ridiculous that a staged roll out for a phone update can take a year when most phone contracts are 2 years. I don't expect to buy a flagship phone from the 2nd biggest selling manufacturer and to not receive any critical phone and operating system updates. Even company's such as Motorola offer 2 full system/version updates over the life cycle of their budget phones.

Going forward, I don't fancy locking myself into a 2 year contract with a huawei handset. If not for security reasons, but for the ridiculous release schedules. Again my wife has an honor 9 and her non flagship phone has been updated several times since mine.

I find dealing with Huawei incredibly frustrating and depressing. Nobody seems to know anything they continually try to fob you off with ridiculous and unbelievable answers. Like many others I have had no updates in over a year. This will be my first and last Huawei, I haven never experienced such shockingly poor customer service whether that's deliberate or down to poorly trained personnel, who knows. With the new Android update just about to surface I still haven't received the last forsaken update. The quicker people realise this company are nothing more than chancers the better. There are many alternatives available and that's the route I will be going when this contract finishes., no more shoddy Huawei products.

Over to you Huawei........ Forgot Robots don't do social interaction just automated responses.......
Still no update or response from "No-Huawei"......their PR spiel rings a little hollow when you examine the evidence. No updates, no responses and poorly trained Customer and Technical Support. My Mate 9 started of fine but network, sensitivity issues are renderng almost unusable. Its pointless returning the device to get it repaired they deny any form of liability and charge exorbitant repair charges. Some of these devices clearly suffer from quality issues and the lack of support from 'NoHuawei' will eventually catch up with both the company and the phone itself. Its only going to end badly.....
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Hi all,

Let me start by saying that I'm not writing this with any good news about the updates. As soon as I have some more information about the software updates I will share it with you. We don't have a solution for you right now and we still have to ask you for your patience. I want to let you all know that we are reading every single one of your posts and we do discuss this with the software team.
Reading various threads on this forum, I see it is frustrating about the lack of updates from Huawei. I've just changed from being with all the Google range of mobiles since they began and I'm used to immediate updates direct from Google. So I've gone from Pie to Oreo and I'm managing to live with it for now.

One thing I would like to mention that I've noticed in the short time I've been on this forum and that is the fact that Amy is at least posting on this forum with honest updates on various issues and topics, albeit, not what everyone one wants, we all just want the updates !!

She could easily be like some other Forum Managers and just go and hide 😃