Which P20 Mate20 Pro bugs are fixed in the P30 Pro?

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Hi All

I posted up a thread a few months ago here:

P20 / Mate20 Pro - All Camera Issues/Bugs

I don't have a Huawei phone now, but I was wondering:

Which of the bugs from the list above have been fixed in:

1) The P20/Mate 20 Pro
2) The P30 Pro

So what I'm asking is could the owners of these phones answer the question by looking at the thread above and say which ones still exist and which ones are fixed in the respective phones?

Thanks for reading...


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Hey Steve,

Maybe @Lava_lamp @Captain Chaos @Dilmon & @DRSC Media are able to answer some of these questions for you. 🙂
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1) No support for RAW images for 3rd parties

you can find the RAW images in sub-folder in the camera folder, and move those pictures to your PC to edit them on photoshop etc. These images are usually 60 to 80mb big.

2) No support for saving images to SD card

p20 pro doesn't support microSD nor Nano Memory. Neither does Mate 20 Pro or P30 Pro, those two using Huawei's Nano Memory cards. Vogue does support external storage (NM cards), not sure about laya, don't have one to check

3) Stock Camera app does not rotate in landscape in projection mode

i am aware this does not answer your question. I saw in the post the mention of text rotating. This is how it is for now.



4) No support for adjusting post processing of sharpness/denoise

as far as I am aware, turn off AI or use Pro mode.

5) No support for accessing rear cameras 2 and 3

Most likely API still closed
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Hi thanks for your reply. A couple of comments:

1) The specific bit was RAW for 3rd party apps. I understood the stock cam could save RAW, but does the P30 Pro allow access to 48MP RAW for other apps like Open Camera etc?

If you have time, you can check it with the Camera2 API checker on Play.

2) The P20 Pro supports MicroSD through the OTG interface. My hope was that I could save photos on there, which would give me much more storage space, but there was no option in the stock software to save anywhere but internal memory. There was an option, but it didn't work so they removed it lol.

Thanks for the screenshots. Does the Priority "Save on Memory Card" mean your 2 choices are only save to internal memory or a nano card? No OTG support?

3) Looks like it's the same as the P20 Pro. If you connect the phone to an HDMI output, start the camera
and rotate to landscape, the camera app is still in portrait.

4) On the P20 Pro with AI off and Pro mode, the software still heavily sharpened images with no option for sharpness settings. I was hoping there was an 'off setting' for post processing.

5) Bummer. I had hoped this had moved on.

Actually, there was one more, on the P20 Pro after a short while, the screen went to sleep and you had to touch it to wake it up. This was not affected by 'always on' setting or any screen awake app I could find. Does it still timeout after a short while and can you turn it off?

Sorry for all the questions! 😁
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1) I checked with the app you mentioned, not enabled for any of the cameras. I've taken a full "scrollshot" of the settings but it's too big to post here, if you're interested just PM me and I can give you a link to it or something.

2) it might only appear if you connect an external storage, but I haven't tested it anddon't have the material to test it.

The nano memory card option only appears if you place one in your device, had to remove one of my SIMs to test it. Once placed, I only get two options, yeah, internal memory or nano memory.

3) Can't test it, I don't have the material required.

4) No option to disable it.

5) Yes, regardless of display settings, camera asks to tap on it after about a minute (60 seconds). My p20pro is set to sleep after 30 seconds, P30 pro after 10 minutes, yet the camera on both went to sleep after 60 seconds.

For their defence, camera app consumes quite a lot of battery, but I understand some users might want to keep it awake longer.

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Hi thanks again.

It looks since my long P20 Pro diatribe, not much has moved on. What a pity, such excellent hardware, crippled by poor software and only bare bones 3rd party integration.

Huawei phones could really fly if they let them.

Onward and upward....

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you should look into the google pixel devices, that seems to be the go-to device for most users interested in trying their own stuff
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Thanks. I actually bought a Xiaomi Mi9. There's a lot of active development for that phone. It does offer LEVEL_3 support on Camera2 API for 3rd party apps, but sadly still no 48mp RAW, just 12MP.

Lots of people want what I want. Open Camera is excellent, and fixes every issue I've described as missing from the stock camera, but with no 3rd party support from Huawei, you can't use it properly.

Currently Open Camera has just under 1,500 downloads per week so it's incredibly popular:

Open Camera

I just can't convince Huawei it's a good idea lol. I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree as I'm suggesting a change of culture in the company. Apple has a walled garden around it, Android is open as the hills and Huawei have a high fence.

Well here I go again:

Open up the software to developers and expert users. It will gain a life of it's own!

There, I said it again lol.

Keep Smilin'

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Hi again

Thanks very much for the link to the camera2 API screenshot. I see they are now exposing all 5 cameras which is a step forward, definitely. On the P20 Pro, only 2 cameras were exposed, selfie and 40mp.

Also, Camera ID 3 offers RAW. I see the max resolution is 5120 x 3840 = 20MP so I guess this is the Ultra-Wide 20MP camera.

A move in the right direction, but plenty more to offer.
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xioami mi 9 is the one with the claimed 48mp camera?

it isn't a 48mp camera, it actually bins the pixels and produces a max 12mp picture, that's how their camera work...😄 companies lately like to play on the words a lot.

The 48mp camera is the same you find on honor's view 20

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As I said before, we don't agree on much do we lol.

As you may imagine, I've done a fair amount of research on this. I have read that article and think it's wrong which I attempt to explain here:

Can the Sony IMX586 produce true 48MP Images?

The Mi9 sensor is a Quad Bayer sensor which is the same arrangement as the 40MP ones used by Huawei but higher resolution.

I believe that by doing Array Conversion the sensor can produce true 48mp images.

I've also tested the 12MP RAW files against the 48MP jpegs using a focus test chart and by upscaling the RAW images to 48MP and found that 48MP jpegs contain more details than the 12MP RAW upscaled image showing 48MP to be true.

Food for thought....
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never claimed the sensor doesn't do 48mp. By default, the pictures obtained are 12mp due to pixel binning. 🙂
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Yes you did lol "it isn't a 48mp camera"

The stock camera has a 48mp mode where the images are 48mp as explained above also this is also available to 3rd party apps so taking 48mp photos is no problem, with no pixel binning.

Do you think we'll ever agree lol?
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yeah i phrased that badly. Yes, it is a 48mp camera, but what I meant by "it isn't [...]" is that by default it bins down to 12mp.
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No it doesn't lololol. I explained it offers 48mp images as standard in the stock app and 3rd party apps.
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Just coming down from locking horns........ The downside to the Mi9 is that it only supplies 12mp RAW and I want 48mp RAW like the Huawei phones.

So the Huawei offers 48MP RAW, but scant 3rd party support and the Mi9 offers only 12MP RAW with full support for 3rd party apps.

And as a Mi9 owner is why I'm still here. I'd buy a Huawei phone again in a heartbeat if they let 3rd parties into the erm, party.
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