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  • 13 November 2018
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I Just updated to on my mate20 Pro, in doing so it appears to have broken my android work profile. I use intune to byod with work enterprise. Theirs an android system toast notification constantly on the lock screen which says work profile locked, when I enter the correct pin it tells me its invalid. I can lock and unlock my phone with the correct pin, I have full access to my work accounts/apps and I am able to change my locks screen pin number. My work profile pin is same as lock screen, but I'm unable to change it to a pattern.
Seems like the work profile pin has changed itself.
Any ideas?


Best answer by Tedsc456 8 December 2018, 08:58

I removed / deleted the Work Profile and then add it again. Solved the problem.
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Hi @Craigster ! Does it happen that the PIN changed recently before the device was updated? Did you try using a previous PIN you used to have for accessing the device? Since this happened after a Android system update, PIN might have changed to a previous backed-up one. I would also suggest to disable the option " Use the same lock " to see if a new PIN is requested. Please, let us know if the issue persists.

Have a good day!

im facing same issue.. eventough i use the correct password, it still asking for a valid password.please help to provide solution on this. disable the "use same lock" did not solve the issue
Just updated to and now have the same problem. Claims the pin is wrong for work profile.
I have the same issue.
Lockscreen password seems to be different from work mode password. Been using same code for weeks.
After latest software update, workmode password appears to have changed itself.
Latest update was
I removed / deleted the Work Profile and then add it again. Solved the problem.
Same here and for 3 colleagues with the same phone. It's a consistent issue since the last two updates. Please fix huawei. Or ask Google as you claimed to have developed it for Google at work!
Resolved the issue, my company portal stopped working I had to deactivate my works administration policy in the security settings then remove and reinstall company portal to get rid of the message.
Sure, Just saying that removing and readding after every security patch is not an option for a proclaimed Google for work phone.

It's a workaround, no solution. Huawei needs to fix this. My company already removed support for Huawei phones because of ongoing issues. Just not ready for the business...
Hi have same issue with changing pin code 2 time this happening after update
I have this issue as well. Work profile gets locked after update, unable to unlock with pin and I have to delete and re-add it. Really annoys my IT department who have to approve every time I do this.

Is there a way to log this as a bug with Huawei or we just expected to put up with defects on our £800 phones? As already stated by @Yoogie27, deleting and readding isn't a solution, it's a work around.
They have a support chat. I logged it with them and they said it's known and with development right now. Who knows...
It can't hurt to log it again and raise the awareness 😉
I cannot even remove my work profile... It is now set as inactive... To remove work profile, I need to enter pin to activate work profile first... I now couldn't access to my work profile and it stuck in my phone like an eyesore
Have the exact same issue. Every time there is a software update, Work Profile gets locked. Work Profile is set to same PIN as screen lock. PIN has not been changed in a long time and works fine to unlock screen. However, Work Profile refuses to accept the PIN. Deleting Work profile and recreating it works, but it's hardly feasible to do this every single time. I have already deleted and recreated the Work profile 3 times before. Each time it has to be set up, I need to go through two factor authentication with my company etc. and it's a pain. This is a maddening bug and makes the phone unusable as a dual personal and work device.

same problem.
We're using Honor phones, but we have the same problems.

Deleting the profile and create new one on 100+ devices is no solution!
Huawei/Honor, please fix!!!
Absolutely. Not usable for companies, unfortunately. Huawei is wasting a big opportunity here. Every company considering Huawei phones will quickly ban them from their list of supported and allowed phones... - if not for security concerns, then simply for functionality.
Same just happened for me on my Honor View 10 after updating to Android 9.
Also, when I try to delete the work profile it tells me I must do a phone reset to do it.
How is this thread marked as solved??
Same problem here with honor devices 6x / 7x / 8x. Any system update on the devices with installed work profile locks the work profile with an unknown pin, no way to access anymore.
Delete and reinstall is not a solution for us.. In worst case we need to reset the hole device..

Huawei, please fix it asap..
Hi Huawei,

I am facing the same issue at the moment. Upgraded Mate 20 Pro to Android 9.0

Unable to unlock work profile using the same password set for unlocking phone as well.

Is there a timeline on when this will be fixed or how will it be fixed?

Thank you
Same problem. And it appears I cannot even reset my phone or deactivate my profile without the non-existent lock screen code... will have to do hardware reset...
This is so frustrating. I had the latest OTA update last night and still hasn't fixed it.
And this topic should not be marked as fixed. A workaround is not a fix. And let's face it, it's a bad workaround...
It would be good to have an idea of when to expect a fix. A usable work profile is a really big thing for me as I work fully mobile.

Huawei, any update on the resolution? An official statement about this problem would be helpful as well. Thanks.
HUAWEI i hope you are fixing this, delete the work profile and reinstall it again everytime you guys release a new patch is not a good options. Can we have ETA whent the fixes going to happen.
Got an answer from Huawei Support about this problem.

"Android for work is not available for Huawei OS EMUI"

So, Huawei will not fix this problem.

Will send all 100+ devices to Huawei for refund.
Before Oct./Nov. 2018, everthing worked like charm.

Bye bye Huawei/Honor.
Looking for new devices!
Same issue, I've deleted my work profile and added it again but after a while the issue resurfaced.