Work Profile Broken

  • 13 November 2018
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We recommend that you delete the work profile and that you create it again.
Ok, but to remove the work profile we need to insert the pincode.

We are into a loop

That happens sometimes. Then you have to perform a hardware reset and reinstall the phone. To avoid this, deactivate the system update as described above.
Try version, fixed the problem for us..
After updating work profile is still fine and accessable..

Thanks Huawei
Has anyone tried updating to and see if the work profile gets locked after updating to this version too?
I have a pending update to this version and am dubious to proceed with this.
Trying to confirm which version the fix was implemented with Huawei Support Team didn't bring any results yet.
Just updated to after a confirmation from Huawei that they did fix it.
Work profile did not get locked! 👍