10,000 members! 🎊

  • 29 July 2019
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10,000 members! 🎊
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In one year the Huawei Community has grown to 10,000 members. Our 10,000 member was....

@atatatar - Please DM @Amy - we’ve got a little goodie bag with your name on it. 🙂

All the members of the community are important, from Fresh Fortune Cookies, who’ve just joined, to those whose contributions have earned them the rank of Hidden Dragon, Shifu Gurus, Helper and of course, Huawei Wonder. Everyone helps to make the community what it is today. If you’re new and not introduced yourself yet, they do so on our introductions page.

We know many community members come for a specific question or need and might not be so active. We’ve seen the odd piece of spam and had to remind a few members of the community guidelines. But at the core of the community is a group who help make the community. Helping out new members, providing support or recommendations for how to get the most from their Huawei devices.

Did you know over 53% of questions are answered by members! This is great given that one aim of the community was to encourage knowledge-sharing. Of course, we’d want all questions answered, but sometimes we have to point folks to the official support channels for help.

Some members have been lucky enough to win one of the challenges and get some Huawei swag. So keep an eye out on the bi-weekly challenges.

Thank you

So to celebrate the milestone of 10,000 members we also wanted to celebrate and thank just a few of our great members:
  • Chillphone, the Huawei Wonder who has been the most active on the platform this last year. Many thanks.
  • Our founders: @Tony @Golden @Rick F @Chris @chillphone @IanMCalvert
  • People who are passionate about Huawei devices and who spread the love on our community. ❤
Of course all our Wonders are special, posting blogs and sharing their experiences. Our helpers know more than they think and are happy to help others. Thank you wonders and helpers for your contributions.
Finally, I’d also like to thank my fellow community manager @Danjl; @Max , @JackJ, @CharlieT from the support team and the Huawei employees who've contributed to building the community like @Kat, @Ove, @Yummy and others who have joined recently.

5 replies

A m a z i n g ! ! ! 10000 wow
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Wow. 10,000 members. Great work everyone, especially @Amy. Next stop 100,000? 😮
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So so proud of this 👍👌👏💪🎊🎊
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Great news. Thanks to the commitment of Huawei, the community and the moderators.
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And this is only the start ❤️❤️❤️❤️great work