Community Guidelines: Please read these before you start!

Community Guidelines: Please read these before you start!
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Welcome to the Huawei Community. We are glad you are here! This is a place where you can ask questions, share ideas and get guidance from fellow community members. The community is here to encourage knowledge-sharing of Huawei products.

How does the community it work?
Check out our ‘Get started’ topic for tips on how to use the community.

Our guidelines
We want this community to be a safe and friendly place. Therefore, we ask you to carefully read the community guidelines. Whilst active on this community, you are subject to the following rules:
  • Be respectful. Do not post insults, threads or political expressions and hate speech. We don’t allow bullying or harassment. We have a ‘two strikes and you’re out’-policy. Treat your fellow members as you would want to be treated.
  • Keep your personal information safe. Do not publish your IMEI, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, full names etc.
  • Search before asking. Chances are that your question has already been asked and answered by the community. So always search first before you ask a question. Double questions will be moved or deleted.
  • Stay on topic. Please refrain from discussing matters unrelated to the subject from the topic starter.
  • Keep it legal. Don’t share content of others or prohibited content.
  • Keep it spam free. Promotional posts or unauthorized posts will be removed. Post constructive comments and questions. Don’t post misleading content, repetitive comments or links to telegram or WhatsApp chat groups. The Huawei team will make sure your question will be answered, so please don’t publish your post more than once.
  • Let us know if you see anything inappropriate. Use the ‘flag’ option when you see anything inappropriate. A moderator will get a notification.
  • Be yourself! Do not pose as someone else. Pretending to be someone else is not okay and the profile will be deleted. You are cool exactly the way you are. You do not need to pretend to be someone else.
  • Only send private messages to the Huawei team when asked. We want the community to be transparent. So, don’t ask your questions through private message. Only send a private message when the Huawei team ask you to do so.

Huawei reserves the right to delete any submissions, or take action against any account, at any time, for any reason. In addition to these guidelines, all use of this community is governed by our terms and conditions.

These principles are meant to be a guidebook for a safe and open community. If these principles are not sufficient or clear enough for everyone, we are open to changing them. Leave a comment if there is anything missing!

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Cool and understood!
pretty self explanitory, and common sense. but has to b said to keep all right.
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Ok sounds good
Sounds pretty straightforward 👍
Common sense.
Ok no problem
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All sounds good
You know it makes sense
Received, over and out"
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Perfectly reasonable, can't argue with that 😉👌
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Hi @Amaja, welcome!

If you want to introduce yourself, you can do that here. 🙂
Common sense
read it
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  • hi Amy
  • Community Manager
i am new to any forums. Please bear with me. tks i found you.
had problem with honor8x and accidentally got to community from somewhere i read on internet. it was difficult to find Hawaii customer support and only got that info from a thread on this pace.
It is great someone sent me an e mail from which i got to this page but i was not allowed to respond to them.

.As first time user just want to let u know that in the community maybe this page about how the community works and getting started should come up first as i saw this much later but glad i did. sorry in my question i put my e mail as i was confused how to view answers later..still am.I am also not sure how one flags things
please if i struggle on this community how can i ask you what i am struggle with so you can put me in right direction. do you guys let us know of answers to us on our e mail so we can check these answers.
Thank you for any guidance you give.

For people like me not savvy with all this stuff i only know how to check on my e mail so wondering what you saying on this thread about guidelines and how to start should be sent to ones e mail

I hope what i say makes sense and hope someone solves my phone issue up i was surprised that when i put honour 8 model number jsn-l21it does not seem to find it.
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hi @prad, @Amy and I are here to help, alongside the support team and of course the wonders and helpers.

It's best to answer any questions in the community, as this allows others to see the question and help out with an answer. If needed the support team or community managers might as you to send a private message for further information. If you have set up notifications, then you will get an email if someone contacts you via the community to respond to your post / reply,

Hope that helps 🙂