Everything about Community Helpers

  • 28 February 2019
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Everything about Community Helpers
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What is a Community Helper?
Community Helpers are community members who are friendly problem solvers. They are here to help you. They are Huawei users and fans and do not work for Huawei.

At the moment these are our 4 top Helpers:
@DRSC Media
@Bobcatsysop YKChan

Really successful Community Helpers can become a Huawei Wonder. You can read more about the Wonders program here.

Top 3 Huawei Wonders:

Thank you all for sharing really helpful replies and for answering questions!

How do I become a Community Helper?
Every month we look for the bright minds that made big contributions to our community. They appear on the leaderboard and get access to a private subforum. The number of questions answered is one of the things we look at when we look for potential Community Helpers.

So keep participating in the Huawei Community, keep making suggestions and keep helping others, and you might join our amazing group of Community Helpers!

Why should I become a Community Helper?
Because you like to help others and because you know more than you think! We want to give the members who are really helpful recognition and privileges within the Huawei community for lending a hand. And of course, we will hook you up with some swag. ;)

How long do I get to be a Community Helper and can I lose this status?
Community Helpers get to keep their status and the perks as long as they keep up their great work by continuing to answer questions and be helpful to other community members. Disrespect, spam or other things that are against community guidelines will revoke their status.

Huawei reserves the right to revoke a Community Helper status at any time and for any reason, as well as change or remove any aspect of the program.

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