Have you met Gillysixpence?

  • 21 January 2019
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Have you met Gillysixpence?
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Every other Monday we put a member in the spotlight. This time it's @gillysixpence! Say 'hi' to her in the comments!

Want to be featured as a Member on Monday? Send me a PM. :)

Your username i Gillysixpence, can you tell us more about your why you choose it?
Well my friends all call me Gilly and my Nan used to be called Nanny Sixpence as a term of endearment so I joined them up!

Why did you join the community?
I bought my first Huawei phone & thought it might be useful for finding out things about the phone itself or if I had any issues. Plus I love a good techy forum for learning how to do things. Plus I like helping others where I can.

That sounds great! What do you contribute to the community?
I like to help answer other peoples issues if they have any, when I'm able to.

Do you have a favorite Huawei product?
Well my P20, it's my only and first Huawei product but I'm really pleased with how fast it is, the great battery life and how it works for me personally and the price is of course a major seller as smartphones are starting to price themselves out of the market. Good quality phones at a much better price point will keep me buying again and again. I'm afraid Samsung got too greedy price wise for my pocket. :)

What do you do when you're not online on the community?
My hobbies are mostly quiet ones as I have Rheumatoid disease, so I'm home most of the time and I have to rest a lot so, reading is right up there as one of my favourite things to do. I read every day, love it and am always buying Kindle books (can't hold regular books any more).

I run a rheumatoid/auto-immune support group online so that keeps me busy and again able to help others. I love to bake when I do feel up to it, not as often as I'd like but I love making cakes and cookies and love to make my family birthday cakes. I also love to watch tv shows and movies but my absolute favourite show of all time is The Walking Dead, I'm obsessed with it and watch it over from the start at least once a year!!

What are your top tips for community beginners?
Introduce yourself and dive right in with helping others, reading the posts and make your own if you have a question.

Do you have a favourite thread?
More recently it's been the thread on the Pie update as I was excited to get that. I have it now and am really pleased with it so far.

Tell us a secret :D
I would secretly love to go storm chasing, real big crazy storms. It's always been a facination of mine, wild weather.

Thanks for sharing Gilly! It's really nice of you that you help others, we enjoy having you around on the community! 🙂

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Welcome!!! 🥂🍾