Meet Jmoon, our newest Huawei Wonder!

  • 17 December 2018
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Meet Jmoon, our newest Huawei Wonder!
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It's Monday again! And it's not just a regular Monday... it's Member Monday! Every other Monday we put a member in the spotlight. This week it's our newest Huawei Wonder: @Jmoon.

How did you choose your username?
It's just a contraction of my name. I actually didn't think about it at all. If I'd known how involved I'd get with the community, I might have used a bit of imagination. Is it too late to change?

Yes, it's too late to change it - sorry 😉. - Why did you join the community?
I'd been using iPhones for years and so needed a bit of help with the move to android (and Huawei in particular). I found some great advice (and friendly folk) on the community and decided to stay. :)

What do you contribute to the community?
Well, I'm certainly not a technical expert, but I've had my own learning curve recently and lots of helpful people have provided me with answers. I'm just happy to pass this on whenever I can.

What are your favorite Huawei products? And why?
My first Huawei was the P20 Pro (after 10 years of iPhones). It was a revelation, both in terms of photography and battery life. I used to have to arrange my day around my iPhone's battery, but the P20 Pro worked around me. It also allowed me to up my Instagram game! I traded up to the mate 20 Pro on release: it's fantastic, but the P20 Pro will always have a special place for me.

Can you tell us more about what you do when you are not online on the community?
I'm really fortunate in that my job is also my hobby. I work with film so visits to the cinema and watching films at home take up a large part of my time. To combat that much time sitting in darkened rooms I try to get out for a run whenever I can. The Watch GT is helping to motivate me to get out there in the cold/ dark months.

What are your top tips for community beginners?
Don't be afraid to ask. There is so much expertise on here, and people are willing to help. It's what 'community' is all about. Oh, and 'be nice'!

Do you have a favourite thread?
I don't really have a favourite thread but I love posts that are positive. So often on online forums, people focus on problems and things they don't like. That's important but it's just as important to share what you do like!

Tell us a secret.
Well, then it wouldn't be a secret any more would it. Oh, okay. My birthday is on Christmas day, and when I was very young I used to think that everyone having time off work and putting up decorations was all for me! 😂

Thanks Jmoon! Double the presents on Christmasday! 😄

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Can't wait to celebrate your birthday. 😃
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Ahhw sorry to hear that!😅
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Thanks Jmoon! Double the presents on Christmasday! 😄

That would be nice @Amy, but the reality is somewhat different ("and Happy Birthday" hurriedly scrawled on a Christmas card) 🙄