Meet top user Jase!

  • 31 December 2018
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Meet top user Jase!
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It's the last Monday of 2018! Time for the last Member Monday of the year. Let me introduce you to @Jase, one of our top users!

How did you choose your username?
My username is just a shortened version of my name Jason, most of my friends call me Jase anyway so just a simple username for me.

Why did you join the community?
I joined the community shortly after purchasing a mate 20 pro, initially just looking for tips and tricks but then realised I could help out myself so I stuck around

What do you contribute to the community?
To be honest I just like trying to help folk out, deep diving into settings to figure out why or if I can replicate other people's problems and issues, then passing on any wisdom I've learned if I can. Hoping to improve things for everyone if possible.

I've posted a few pictures in the gallery section as well but others in the community are way better photographers than me and have some seriously brilliant pictures well worth checking out.

Do you have a favourite Huawei product?
My favourite has got to be the the Mate 20 pro, the camera is capable of such amazing pictures, the battery life is tremendous, I can use it to blast music all day at work via the speaker and still have plenty left to use the sat nav on the way home if required (usually as I've no sense of direction unfortunately). Having the Infrared blaster has also turned out to be way more useful than expected, It can basically turn your phone into an all for one remote control which is pretty awesome.

What do you do when you are not online on the community?
My biggest hobby has got be my motorcycle (Triumph Street Triple 765rs for anyone interested), when it's not winter here in Scotland I spend as much of my free that I can travelling about and having fun on our amazing roads, it's kind of a biking paradise here although definitely weather dependent lol.

I also play acoustic guitar and used to play and sing in a two piece band doing local pubs and clubs when I was a bit younger, just play for fun now but still thoroughly enjoy it.

What are your top tips for community beginners?
No question is ever to silly to as ask but perhaps have a search through old threads first, or maybe use the search feature as there's always a good chance what you want to know has already been asked and answered.

Be polite

Do you have a favourite thread?
Mmmm, probably the photography section but some of the blogs have also been excellent!

And.. can you tell us a secret?
I don't watch horror films as they make me feel uncomfortable 🙈, much to the amusement of my wife and daughter who have no such issues.

Thanks Jase! Nice to get to know you a bit better!

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