📊 Monthly highlights - January 2019

  • 4 February 2019
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It's the first Monday in February! Did Dry January changed your life? 😉

Here are last months highlights
In January we had more than 1000 new members! You started 523 topics, posted 2.460 replies, and gave 1260 likes. And you visited us more than 404.000times! 📊

Don't forget to check out these blogs
@Golden's road to London Marathon 2019 - Part 1
@Jase's Mate 20 Pro Photography skills
@Jmoon's Art of Photography thread

Most populair topics 📈
Mate 20 Pro green screen issues
Hi Voice error
GT Watch custom faces
Best screen protectors for Mate 20 Pro
Left Freebud issue

Top 10 active users in January
@Jase - Huawei Wonder
@Jmoon - Huawei Wonder
@Owen-Rhys - Crouching Tiger
@picitup - Hidden Dragon
@smeeghead - Shifu Master
@walkerx - Shifu Master
@tyw7 - Crouching Tiger
@Thehangryguy - Hidden Dragon
@Modfather50 - Hidden Dragon
@Junior1985 - Crouching Tiger

Keep up the good work! Thank you for asking your questions and for helping others. Have you ever thought about joining the Wonders team? let me know if you are interested!

Thank you all for participating in our New Years Resolutions challenge
Congrats to the winners @gillysixpence and @Niceichain. Oh and @Jase, how is the juggling going? Will you post another update video?

I'm looking forward to next month's highlights. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please share it in this topic.

3 replies

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update lol, I've dropped them that much I'd to order another set from Amazon which took a few weeks. The poor things are spilling there insides out everywhere. So yeah marginal progress, much harder than I anticipated to juggle 4. Once/if I actually make real progress I'll update with a video on original topic.

Regards ,Coco the clown 🤡 (Jase)
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I aim to be more active :P

" I wanna be the very best..."

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I aim to be more active :P

" I wanna be the very best..."


Like no one ever was! 😉