📊 Monthly highlights - June 2019

  • 2 July 2019
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It's already July? They year is flying by!

Here are the highlights from last month:

In June

  • …visited us more than 460,000 times.
  • ...answered 55% of the solved questions.
  • ...inspired others with some great new blogs.
  • ...shared your pets and longest day pictures.
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I want to talk to other Huawei users: 66%
I want to talk to Huawei staff: 17%
I want to help others: 6%
I want to share photographs : 5%
I need support: 1%

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And a big thanks to @DRSC Media, @drhouse, @picitup, @ClogPower & @Tboy2000 for being the most helpful community members in June. You are on the leaderboard! We appreciate your help.

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now I can retire in peace 😮 or maybe not.

Huawei also won another award at the European Hardware Awards with their P30 Pro

Celebrated 10 million shipments of the P30 Series, a new record

And launched the new Nova 5 series in China, introducing their new mid-range SoC, the Kirin 810, which will be replacing the Kirin 710 in upcoming mid-range devices, such as the Mate 30 Lite. The Kirin 810 also replaces the Cambricon Technologies NPU used until now (Kirin 970, Kirin 980) by their own AI chip, based on their DaVinci architecture.

Huawei's AI Cube also finally appeared for sale on some websites (Amazon for instance), after a long absence since the last time it was seen at IFA2018 (September 2018):

And finally, Huawei Spain confirmed the opening of their flagship store in Madrid, which will open on the 5th of July. This store will be Huawei's biggest in Europe, with 2 floors and some 2500 square metres of surface. The location and country doesn't come as a surprise, with Huawei having expanded to Spain as early as 2013/2014, right after landing on the consumer market in Italy, and it is estimated that 20% of Spain's population use a Huawei device, with the brand taking 36% of the Q1 2019 sales, followed by Samsung at 23.9% and Xiaomi at 13.4%.

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@DRSC Media , thanks for sharing. So much good stuff happening at the moment.