📊 Monthly highlights - May 2019

  • 5 June 2019
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Hello June! Here are last months highlights:

In May

  • …visited us more than 800,000 times.
  • ...answered 64% of the solved questions.
  • ...inspired others with some great new blogs.
  • ...shared your low angle and best bokeh pictures.
  • ...gave us a lot of positive support #WeStandWithHuawei

👥Why do you sign up?
We ask all our new members why you sign up. These are last months results:
I want to talk to other Huawei users: 61%
I want to talk to Huawei staff: 16%
I want to share photographs : 5%
I want to help others: 5%
I need support: 1%

🏅Community Helpers
And a big thanks to @DRSC Media, @picitup, @drhouse, @chillphone & @Jase for being the most helpful community members in May. You are on the leaderboard! We appreciate your help.

Do you miss anything on the community?
Please share your feedback and suggestions here. We want this community to be a place where you can interact, share knowledge, help others and get inspired. We are growing and we want to build this community together with all users. So don't be shy and share your ideas!

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