New here? - Five tips for a great start on the community!

  • 17 September 2018
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New here? - Five tips for a great start on the community!
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New here? Or still figuring out how you get get the most out of the community? Here are five tips which will help you for a great start:

1. Complete your profile information

Everybody likes to know who they are speaking to. By adding more information to your profile, you are more likely to receive better and quicker replies from other users.

In order to complete your profile information, go to the "My Profile" page. On this page, you can add:
  • A profile picture (you can add a picture of you or what you like)
  • A Signature (a sentence which will be displayed at the bottom of all of your posts)
  • What devices you use or own
  • The country and the city that you are from
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your expertise

2. Don't be afraid to ask

Sometimes new users are afraid to start their own question or discussion, but you should not be afraid to do that - there is no such thing as a stupid question. Should a reply to you (or in an already existing discussion) be too technical or complicated, don't hesitate to ask about it. Only this way other users know that you need help!

3. Search before you start a new topic

It is likely that the question or issue which you are having has been asked before. Therefore, we recommend that you check this F.A.Q. topic and search the community first before you start a new question or discussion. You can find the search bar at the top of every page in our community. Should you not be able to find the information which you are looking for, feel free to create a new topic. This article will explain to you how to do that.

4. Be detailed when you describe your question or issue

If you have a question or an issue, please try to include as much information as possible. This will help other users to understand exactly what you want to know. Name e.g. the product or the service that your question is about, or at which step you do not know how to proceed. You can even add images and videos to your question,

Note: Never post any private information (phone number, IMEI, Email address, etc.). This is a public community and everybody could use this information.

5. Be patient & don't spam

Sometimes it might take a little bit of time until the right user reads your question. Please do not share the same question in several topics, especially if the topic is not related to your specific question. Other users will not appreciate this as it will only cause confusion.

In case you want to learn more about the features of our community, please have a look in our this subforum. Should there be additional questions, please let us know below or in a new topic!

Have fun!

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