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  • 10 May 2019
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I have a recently purchased Mate 20 Pro, which has developed a green vertical line on the screen that I understand is dead pixels. After contacting the Huawei helpdesk (3-Apr-2019) I was informed the issue was covered under my warranty (expires 07-Feb-2020) and it would be no problem to fix for free.

I wiped the device as instructed and sent to the repair centre in Kent (UK) expecting the issue to be resolved. However, the phone was returned with the original fault still appearing and a note informing me my ‘product not sold in this country by manufacturer’.

I have subsequently contacted the helpdesk once more to request assistance but was advised by the call handler, Michael to contact the seller and request another phone! When pressed on why Huawei, an international company could not fix my phone under their warranty it was indicated the UK based repairer would not have the requisite parts. I questioned if the screens would differ between international models as this seemed unrealistic and the call handler then back-tracked and agreed this seemed unlikely. No other reasonable explanation has been provided.

Although pressed to offer another solution none was forthcoming by the Huawei helpdesk, which I find hugely frustrating. I was under the impression that Huawei were trying to compete with the established ‘big’ players in a competitive European market but such antics will surely thwart these plans as customer service is key. I plan to make my feelings known to all and will vehemently
post to online sites to dissuade others from buying Huawei products in future.

Finally, I can find no mention of the warranty not covering phones sold outside of the destination country in the online Huawei warranty policy: https://consumer.huawei.com/uk/support/warranty-policy/, even though this was referenced by the helpdesk handler.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

5 replies

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hi @gbjonah ,

Firstly, here's a post related, unfortunately it seems you're not the only one facing an issue with your screen. I've flagged the topic for the support team, so hopefully they can help clarify the warranty situation.
Thanks for the response Danjl. I look forward to a reply / solution from the support team.
Before i escalate to Trading Standards does someone from the support team want to contact me? I am not letting this drop as you are in breach of your contract.

if you are unable to assist please forward me a contact i can speak to. Do you have a higher level of customer support?
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@gbjonah, sorry the support haven't be able to get to your post yet. Can I recommend if you want to get in direct contact you can use the hotline:

08000 886 700
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00,Sat. 9:00~17:00(Except bank holidays).

You can also email the support team or Email the CEO.

Hopefully this will speed things up.
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A few questions:

-Where did you buy your device from?
-What is the code of said device?

You can find the code by going to the Settings-->System-->About phone-->Model. Mate 20 Pro is "Laya", LYA-???, with ??? being the specific model you own.

-How much RAM and internal memory do you have on your model?
-Do you have an in-screen fingerprint reader?

By the sounds of it, you bought a non-European version, which slightly differs from the model sold in Europe.