Say hello to our member IanMCalvert!

  • 19 November 2018
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Say hello to our member IanMCalvert!
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Every other Monday we put a member in the spotlight. Today it's our Huawei Wonder @IanMCalvert 😄.

How did you choose your username?
When I first started on-line, IanCalvert was taken, so I used my middle initial which was available and it’s what I use across all Social Business platforms. I feel that you should have the same username across all platforms which helps your brand to be easily recognised – it’s something I teach/say in all the events, talks and coaching sessions I do.

Why did you join the community?
After being part of the Huawei KOL (Key Opinion Leaders-program) for over a year now, I wanted to share my thoughts and insights off the KOL programme with this community to enable people to understand/see that Huawei is more than just a smartphone manufacturer.

What do you contribute to the community?
I hope that my thoughts and insights from my forward thinking as well as what I see/learn from Huawei will help the community. People too often just see a phone for being a phone that takes calls and photos without understanding what the actual of “Smart” of Smartphone means and what it will offer in the near and long-term future.

What are your favourite Huawei products? And why?
My favourite products from the wider offering. Currently, the Diffuser (via Huawei Solar Fusion) is only providing just part of what it will offer in the future plus the MIMO network combined with Solar Street Light offerings is going to be the real Gamechanger! When the latter is combined with the Huawei phones, Huawei is the only network/manufacturer that you can operate your whole life – whether personal or working – with each and every day

Can you tell us more about what you do when you are not online on the community?
I love cooking and reading books relating to business, technology, futurism and autobiographies. I find these books give me plenty of insights allowing myself to think about what the future can offer if we do this, that or what – thus, helping to provide disruptive thinking/opinions to individuals/companies in my talks. And cooking is my way of relaxing and chilling out.

What are your top tips for community beginners?
Always have an open mind as every comment can be taken one of three ways – their way, your way and other people’s way – so, put yourself in the position of the person asking the question and also how others may answer it, before you give your opinion. The community and the forum is about helping each other, so make sure you are helping not just the person asking the question but the audience reading it too and NOT forcing your own opinions in front of everyone as they may be seen as being biased.

Do you have a favourite thread?
My favourite thread is “Recently Active” as this gives me insights as to how and what are the main concerns affecting people on the forum and what they are looking for.

Tell us a secret
In each of main careers, I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with various celebrities and public figures yet for me, I would say one of the main highlights of my working life was arriving in a field and leaving nearly two years later after it being part of the team that constructed one of the UK’s top and most secure prisons. Celebrities/Public Figures are in essence all the same and there is nothing that stands out to make them life changing but when you see how a prison is constructed and what’s involved, even a prisoner never gets to see the complete environment what’s actually involved.

Thanks Ian!

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