Superuser program - Join the Huawei Wonder team!

Superuser program - Join the Huawei Wonder team!
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The Huawei Wonders are our superusers, they are the most active, helpful and dedicated people in the Huawei community. We wouldn’t be here without them! 👏🏼
@Rick F

We are always looking for new Huawei Wonders so read below if you’d like to know more about the superuser program.

What is the Superuser program?
It's an exclusive group of community members. They are the top users and contributors and are passionate about Huawei and growing the Huawei Community. They go by the name of Huawei Wonders. All Huawei Wonders have a Huawei Wonders rank and a special rank-icon, to show that they are trusted and helpful community members.

Want to join the Huawei Wonders?
Interested in participating in the superuser program? Read the requirements and the perks below.

The requirements
  • You’ve been an active community member
  • You are helpful and answer questions to help others
  • You have communications skills and are friendly when responding to others
  • You advocate the community guidelines, community and Huawei products
  • You welcome new users
  • You write blogs or start discussions
  • You provide constructive feedback on the Huawei community and products

The perks
  • A Superuser rank
  • Access to a private forum area: the Super Secret Superusers and Moderators hideout😉
  • Live Q&A sessions: talk to the Huawei moderators
  • Meet-ups: get invited to meet-ups and social events
  • Product updates: We'll let you in on all the news first

We are always keeping our eyes open for potential Huawei Wonders. Want to join in on the fun? Send me a PM and we'll talk about it! Want to nominate a member? Tag them below and let us know why he or she should be a Huawei Wonder.

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reads well top work
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Love to be involved. Happy to reate social media outlets to promote etc.
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Anything Huawei - I'm in ! 🙂
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Another great idea @Kat and @Amy - well done
Yes please.
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Sounds like an excellent program 🙂
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Looks like I have some work to do.
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We've got ourselves a new Wonder! Welcome to the Wonders @Gordo26.😄
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Well done @Gordo26 🙂
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Welcome to team Wonders @Jmoon 👏🏻
Well done
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Thanks for joining team Wonders @Jase!
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Amy wrote:

Thanks for joining team Wonders @Jase!

Glad to help 👍👍
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id love to be part of this some day!


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