Crappy third party bootloader unlock codes sellers for Huawei

  • 22 July 2019
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How come Huawei stopped giving out bootloader unlock codes but there are Crappy third party websites that sometimes sell them if they are not out of stock ?
i think this is not professional of huawei and they should start handing out codes again to people who really need them like me. Im now stuck with a phone that is unusable for me as a dev especially after all the controversy about huawei they should be open and transparrent about their software, not hide behind that it would be damaging for our phones..
like comon its not and you guys know that its just to hide the fact you guys dont want to give more support like all other phone providers do ive contacted huawei service but they are unable to help me and im now stuck with an unusable phone i spend 600 on and i now need to spend another 600 on another phone... and what does huawei give me for solution nothing yet.

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Hi Chinchan9,

I closed this thread as there already is a long thread about unlocking bootloaders. You can find it here: