Difference between LTE-VoLTE and VoWIFI

  • 30 October 2018
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Hi all I’ve been ask to give some information about LTE-VoLTE and VoWIFI and also added a small bit of history just for fun and seeing how evolution has changed us.

The second generation (2G) mobile phone systems
While the first pre commercial digital cellular phone call was made in the United States in 1990, it was in Finland in 1991 that the first GSM ( Global System for Mobile ) network opened.

The first in the world using wideband CDMA ( Code Division Multiple Access) technologies, on October 1st 2001 in Japan, but it was the 3 network who was 1st in the UK on 3-3-3 ( 3rd March 2003 ) and the reason behind there customer services number being 333 to call from a three’s customer handset, different 3G speeds makes it hard to track an exact speed but up to 42 MBIT/S

Stands for Long Term Evolution and currently LTE is the most advanced option available. When your phone is connected to LTE, you're getting the maximum data speed possible with your service, giving you superior download speeds and performance capability it is known to be up to 10 times faster then 3G going up to 100 MBIT/S

Stands for voice over Long Term Evolution and it’s exactly what it says, It's voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used, We think of 4G as mostly being about downloading, streaming and web browsing etc, and that’s primarily what it’s been used for so far, but it can also be used to improve voice calls also.

Very easy and simple, Can make calls without the need for a mobile signal (e.g. in a remote location or in a property with thick walls) some smaller UK networks promote this as there signal is not so great and the networks make there own VoWIFI apps to make easier for customers.

trials have been going on for ages now but from this week Vodafone did a test of the first 5G in the UK and was only available for businesses in Salford , and tests did show a video that took 1 minute on 4g was just 1 second on 5g
And that’s 100 times faster then 4g #WOW

Speeds through the ages

Maximum speed in MBIT/S

2g. 1
3G HSPA. 7.2
3G HSPA +. 21
3G DC-HSPA +. 42
LTE (4G). 100
5G. Unconfirmed yet but low use trials shown 10,000 MBIT/S and will be slower when fully launched.

Hope you enjoyed this, and just so you know exact speeds can still vary network to network
Thanks Chris.

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Nice @Chris good info, thanks