First Apple last quarter and Samsung be displaced ahead of Huawei's target of Q4 2019?

  • 2 November 2018
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With the latest figures showing that Huawei's Smartphone sales rising every month whilst Apple hardly grows and Samsung's sales fall, will Huawei gain the Number 1 slot off Samsung ahead of their aim of Q4 in 2019?

The year on year growth rate of 33% really shows the momentum of Huawei's Innovation is changing the Consumers choice of which handset they want.

Whilst the overall sales year on year is down by 3%, with Huawei (33%), Xiaomi (25%) and HMD (71%), it shows that Consumers are seeing less innovation and higher costs from Apple and Samsung mean they are now seeing more innovation and value for money from companies previously never considered.

The more surprising facts from the figures released, show that Google Pixel, OnePlus and Razer aren't even listed!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on why Huawei is rising so fast and if you think they will be Number 1 before Q4 next year?

Q3 2018 smartphone shipments are in: how much longer before Huawei claims top spot?

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