Good luck and farewell

  • 31 March 2019
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As you may have seen I've not been posting on the forum for a while, this has been due to personal things happening in our families life and as my huawei phones are no longer used on a regular basis (only switched on to see if any updates.. and still none), I thought it was time to leave the community.

I still have my Huawei watches until Google decide to release their watch (if they ever get round to doing it)

I did sway from Google and tried the Huawei phones, but lack of updates for the devices (which were flagship devices) has put me off from ever buying another, which is a shame as they are in the forefront of providing good hardware and specs, but were letdown by the firmware and security updates, so have switched back to Google.

I wish the team on here and huawei all the best for the future, especially with all bad publicity going around and countries trying to block them


1 reply

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Hi Walkerx, I hope you and your family are okay!

Sorry to see you go. And I'm sorry for your bad experiences with our devices. Feel free to come back to the community whenever you feel like.

And of course, thank you for your contributions on the community!

Take care!